Appeals Court THROAT PUNCHES Adam Schiff and Democrats

Professional weasel Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) received a throat-punch from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

In one of its many nonsensical investigations of President Trump, the House Judiciary Committee demanded that former White House counsel Don McGahn testify. The Court disagreed, ruling in favor of the White House.

Schiff and team deemed the president’s action of taking executive privilege in denying McGahn’s testimony as “interference”. Thus, the ruling decimates the very premise of the impeachment hoax.

Clearly the president did not interfere with Congress in its supposed duties of oversight. As America has learned and will continue to learn, “oversight” for Schiff means protecting the Leftist traitors who tried to overthrow a duly-elected president.

This decision only bolsters the president’s rightful claim of a Democrat witch hunt.

Georgetown Constitutional Law professor and legal expert Jonathan Turley chimed in on the ruling, commenting about Trump’s victory on Twitter.

Turley tweeted:

“The decision in this case marks one of the greatest losses in the history of the House of Representatives. Congress was wrong in rushing to impeach and its second article was both premature and presumptuous in claiming obstruction.”

In his opinion on the ruling, Judge Thomas Griffith commented,

“We cannot decide this case without declaring the actions of one or the other [branches of government] unconstitutional.”

“If federal courts were to swoop in to rescue Congress whenever its constitutional tools failed, it would not just supplement the political process; it would replace that process with one in which unelected judges become the perpetual ‘overseer[s]’ of our elected officials. That is not the role of judges in our democracy, and that is why Article III compels us to dismiss this case.”

The White House needs no vindication in this farce. Nevertheless, a spokeswoman from the Justice Department said in a statement Friday that the department was “extremely pleased” with the ruling.

This ruling marks the first of many revelations about the tactics of Adam Schiff and the Democrats.

The cover-up of their treason won’t last much longer. And millions of Americans wait to see real justice doled out. 

John Durham is due to release his report, and rumors claim that Durham has impaneled a grand jury.

In another hint that justice may finally come to the lecherous Leftists, a court recently ruled that Hillary Clinton must testify about her deleted emails.

Even new presidential front-runner Joe Biden won’t escape scrutiny. Especially as the Ukraine opened an investigation into Joe and Hunter Bidens’ potential crimes.


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