South Carolina Blacks Extend Biden’s Political Dementia

Creepy Joe Biden will never be president. Because he doesn’t deserve it.

I’ve written much about his dementia. And eventually as with the “lying skanks” tweet that got me fired from Fox News, I will be proven right.

Regardless of Biden’s dementia, Democrats love their idiots. They invested in Barack Obama, going all-in for that lunatic loser of a president. So the notion that they would do the same for a certifiable braindead moron surprises me not.

On the heels of multiple Bernie Sanders wins, Democrats rightfully panicked. After going through four blacks, an Hispanic, an Asian, a Pacific Islander, three women, and one LGBTQ+ candidate, the race came down to two choices for the tolerant Left.

One: a sellout socialist who became a millionaire after folding like a lawn chair to Hillary Clinton.

Two: a corrupt moron, stupid enough to broadcast his extortion of Ukraine, LIVE!

Who did Democrats select? Creepy freaky Joe Biden.

With the win in South Carolina, Biden got that much needed political shot in the arm. I think of it as energy drink call, Negro Boost or Black Bull.

The former “first black” Vice President’s campaign lived on life-support for weeks leading into South Carolina. Biden stumbled through Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, looking like a shell of a politician, and not the protege of Baby Black Jesus, whom he frequently references.

But Biden held on to hope, even bragging about his silly Negro support at debates. Biden even counted the Negroes he had under his control.

Thank [insert whatever Democrats pray to here] for the Biden win in South Carolina!

Because without that win, Biden becomes a three-time political loser immediately. His SC win in hand, Biden delays the inevitable until November 3, 2020.

For now, Biden regains the title of Democrat front-runner. And he may actually win the nomination, much to the chagrin of many Democrats.

Still others literally breathed a sigh of relief when Biden came out on top in SC. One guy described it as “dodging a bullet – a Sanders’ bullet”.

Democrats are not excited about Biden; they are however excited that their nominee is NOT Sanders.

To think Biden creates enthusiasm in the Democratic Party is to believe that wolverines make good house pets. Biden is the anti-enthusiasm candidate.

His fan base averages, what…83 years old? How many college kids can’t wait to cast their first vote for Biden?

I repeat: few Democrats want Biden. They are relieved for now about his pending victory over Sanders. But secretly they worry about Biden’s dementia and the fact that many Bernie Sanders voters will not support Biden.

As for the black vote, check back as I destroy the myth of Biden’s ability to bring the black vote.


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