5 Reasons Why Chinese Wuhan Virus GUARANTEES Trump 2nd Term

The Chinese Wuhan Virus illuminated what Donald Trump ran on in 2016. And that’s why Democrats can’t get traction to make Trump own the adversity.

This tragedy of Chinese creation added to the already set stage for President Trump. There are 5 reasons why this pandemic guarantees Trump will get re-elected.

Reason 1: Trump gets points on immigration

Trump campaigned straight out of the gate on illegal immigration. America needed to close its borders to illegal immigration, Trump cautioned.

Promptly, Democrats labeled Trump xenophobic, though Barack Obama took an identical stance. So did most of the very same people who cast their aspersions on Trump.

When polled now about immigration in general, Americans see Trump’s logic. Moreover, they agree.

Reason 2: Trump wins on manufacturing

During the 2016 Presidential Election, Trump emphasized that America must bring manufacturing back; particularly manufacturing of critical infrastructure products. Further, he said we needed to cut our trade deficit. Trump was concerned over the ever-increasing deficit that had risen to $700+ billion, mostly with China at roughly $375 billion each year.

Trump did the math. Thus, he understood that America’s trade deficit standing alone would be the 19th largest country in the world ranked by GDP. That’s too much money to allow to leave our economy with essentially no return on investment.

Trump cautioned against the missteps of previous administrations. He specifically excoriated Barack Obama for adding to America’s trade (and other) problems.

Obama continued NAFTA, a failed trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The U.S. lost over $70 billion annually in this deal. Then Obama advocated for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, known as TPP. In Asia alone, this agreement would have cost America over $500 billion annually.

Trump’s election changed the trajectory for trade in a direction that favored America. At the very least, he stopped the bleeding.

So when Democrats wonder what went wrong in their latest gambit to ruin the economy and side with China, I give them the chaos of their own creation.

The Chinese Wuhan Virus highlighted each of the areas Trump campaigned on. And then some. In making the case for “Made in the USA”, take a look at this video, where a Chinese worker wipes his feet on surgical masks to be sent to other countries.

Because of the lack of American-made products, when the Chinese Wuhan Virus hit, Americans stood in lines reminiscent of the USSR. Waiting for toilet paper and our version of vodka…hand sanitizer.

Worse, America was dependent on China for medicines.

Reason 3: Biden let Democrats down

Some Democrats hoped the Chinese Wuhan Virus would destroy the economy, and Joe Biden would step in and save it. He didn’t.

Biden appeared in an interview on MSNBC, where he showcased what Democrats fear about him.

Watch the first 1:41 seconds of Joe Biden offering his solutions and you will know why Democrats now keep Biden from public view as much as possible.

Did you notice how Biden must look at his notes to answer the question. When his mind wanders even as he READS THE NOTES, he is forced to ad lib.

Partial Transcript:

“And in order to avoid that — those very high (death) numbers, we have to do at least several things.

One, we have to depend on what the president is going to do right now. And first of all, he has to tell — wait till the cases — before anything happens — look, the whole idea is he’s got to get in place things that were shortages of…”

So Biden never got to his second point as his train derailed. But he went on to add:

“We’re not testing enough people. We don’t — our first responders, docs and nurses, don’t have the gloves, the masks. They don’t have the equipment they need. We’re short on ventilators.

And as this spreads to other areas, which it is likely to do, we don’t have the capacity to surge the equipment that they need.”

Hmm, to surge the equipment they need?

Now Biden repeats himself, mentioning the needs of doctors and nurses:

“We have to — he has to use the Defense Production Act much more aggressively, including not just in ventilators, but getting gloves, masks, shields, gowns, etc.”

Gowns were added to the list. I’m not sure how gowns play into thwarting the pandemic, but Creepy Joe added to the list.

Imagine if Trump gave these types of pressers? Where he trails off and doesn’t finish thoughts.

Trump gives one-hour and longer press conferences with the exuberance of a 17-year old track athlete.

Reason 4: Leftists miscalculated on who gets the blame.

Of course Leftists hope the shortage of safety products will drag Trump into deep water. However, much of the country knows now that Leftists stock-piled all these products (except gowns), in an effort to make Trump look bad. Recall the politicos in Puerto Rico did the same thing after the hurricane. All in an effort to make Trump look bad. That too backfired.

In the end, Leftists look bad in the wake of the Chinese Wuhan Virus crisis. Major cities became epicenters of the contagion. Put another way, pretty much anywhere led by Democrats, the virus spread.

And who came to save the day? President Trump. Every time Trump held a presser, he reassured the nation that he was managing the crisis. More tests, more cures. More MAGA.

Reason 5: Things will return to normal.

Trump proved yet again that lying Leftists won’t bring America down. His encouragement in a time of despair shows that Trump knows how to tap into the American Spirit. He’s managed to shift from MAGA to KAG during this crisis.

Despite the temporary problems America faces, most Americans believe in Trump’s ability to turn things around. He did it once. And this time it will be much easier.

As Trump proclaimed in a recent statement, the stock market will return to normal and will likely go higher. People will resume their jobs.

The economy has another $2 trillion at work, and Americans know who to thank. That’s Donald Trump.



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