Barr Sends Special Message to Nadler

After a day of getting his ass kicked by Attorney General Bill Barr, (temporary) head of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Jerry Nadler struck back.

The entire hearing was a spectacle from start to finish. At one point, Barr infuriated liberals when he said, “if it’s a hearing, aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be heard?” It only got worse from there.

After Barr faced questioning for hours, he asked for a 5-minute break to grab a quick bite. Below is the exchange.


BARR: “Sir, Mr. Chairman, could I… could we take a 5 minute break?”

NADLER: “Dean is recognized…No.”

OTHERS: That’s a common courtesy of every witness…{background} This is unprecedented

BARR: “I waited 45…an hour for you this morning. I haven’t had lunch, I’d like to take a 5 minute break…”

NADLER: “Mr. Atty General, we are almost finished. We’re gonna be finished in a few minutes. If you…otherwise…we can certainly take a break. But uh.

“BARR: “You’re a real class act, Mr. Chairman.”

NADLER: “After this, we can certainly take a break.”

As I’ve said on my radio show and other media, Democrats made a monumental blunder asking Barr to testify.

First, Barr is unflappable. But second and far worse are what the Democrats are doing to themselves. And this exchange exemplifies exactly what America knows about the Democrats. They exercise their power in ways that defy logic.

Barr didn’t want a break to confer with attorneys. He wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. He explained that he waited an hour for this kangaroo committee, and deserved 5 minutes to eat, to which Nadler rudely and quickly said, “No.”.

I’m not sure what Democrats expect from this hearing, but it won’t end well for them. Barr’s opening remarks resonate in my head.

“The president has not attempted to interfere in these decisions. On the contrary he has told me from the start that he expects me to exercise my independent judgement. To make whatever call I think is right, and that is precisely what I have done.

Indeed it is precisely because I feel complete freedom to do what I think is right, that induced me to serve once again as AG.


I was almost 70-years-old and slipping happily into retirement, I had nothing to prove and I had no desire to return to government. I had no prior relationship to President Trump.”

And there it was in one sentence: “I had no prior relationship with President Trump.”

Difficult to paint Barr as a tool of Trump when he didn’t know the man. Now, contrast this with Holder and Obama.

As NPR reported, people questioned the close ties between the two:

Lawyers in and outside the department say the White House sometimes knows days or weeks ahead of time when controversial cases will be filed.

And White House lawyers have reviewed some court briefs on healthcare and gay rights.

Other White House officials have tried to delay announcements of Justice Department moves that might prove politically distracting during the long fight over health care legislation in Congress.

This week, Republican senators flagged White House rhetoric on the controversial Arizona immigration law that they say was designed to influence the Justice Department case.

Driscoll, who’s involved in the issue because he defends an Arizona sheriff accused of going too far against illegal immigrants, raised similar questions.

“It certainly appeared that the White House came up with the result first, and the Justice Department was directed to come up with the rationale for the result second,” he said.

Few would argue that Holder ran interference for the Obama White House and in no way represented law and order.

Undoubtedly, history will prove both Holder and his replacement Loretta Lynch to be the most corrupt Attorneys General in American history.

As for Nadler and the Democrats, their desperation continues to show. But Attorney General Barr sarcastically let the world know what he thinks about Nadler, Democrats, and the latest Democrat sham hearing: “You’re a class act, Mr. Chairman”.



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