NY AG Ignores BLM, Targets NRA Instead

The left will do anything to get our guns! So, they might as well target the NRA. Because the growing presence of domestic terrorism clearly screams “give up your weapons.”

The Attorney General of New York took action today to dissolve the NRA after their investigation prompted claims of fraud and abuse.

According to NPR:

Attorney General Letitia James claims in a lawsuit filed Thursday that she found financial misconduct in the millions of dollars, and that it contributed to a loss of more than $64 million over a three year period.

The suit alleges that top NRA executives misused charitable funds for personal gain, awarded contracts to friends and family members, and provided contracts to former employees to ensure loyalty.

Seeking to dissolve the NRA is the most aggressive sanction James could have sought against the not-for-profit organization, which James has jurisdiction over because it is registered in New York. James has a wide range of authorities relating to nonprofits in the state, including the authority to force organizations to cease operations or dissolve. The NRA is all but certain to contest it.

“The NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets,” James said in a statement. “The NRA is fraught with fraud and abuse, which is why, today, we seek to dissolve the NRA, because no organization is above the law.”

The NRA hasn’t made a statement yet. But let’s just assume this is all true. And we have to shut down the NRA. Do we then investigate all the leftist institutions capable of similar fraud and abuse?

The Leftist Hypocrisy Strikes Again

Not excusing any potential bad behavior by the NRA, but at least we can point to what they actually do. Look at ACORN, an organization that got shut down for encouraging underage sex trafficking. And what about BLM, a terrorist group that has received more than a billion dollars since inception, but can’t point to a single black it has helped.
How about we investigate New York City for fraud? The recent killing of hundreds of seniors, providing the city a savings of $1 billion in additional costs to maintain these old folks. Clearly the AG makes this move as a calculated effort to bring down the strongest pro-2nd Amendment organization in the country.
What if we go tit for tat? One of the complaints against the NRA targets Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. The AG alleges LaPierre used charitable funds for personal gain. But apparently that’s all good when it’s done by the Clintons.
Further, the AG targeted former CFO Woody Phillips for allegedly passing a million dollar deal to his girlfriend. But I seem to recall several prominent Democrats doing the same thing. In fact, Beto funneled $110,000 in campaign funds to a company owned by his wife. And not to be outdone, Bernie Sanders funneled at least $150,000 to his wife’s “media company.”

Before WuFlu

I find the AG’s announcement today a bit suspect. When did they have time for this investigation during the pandemic? I thought New York was pulling out every resource in search of a cure.
However, let’s rewind for a moment. Back in February, Cuomo was all over gun control.

As Newsweek explained:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is proposing six gun control bills in his budget and more than two dozen more are active in the legislature this first election year since Republicans lost the State Senate majority and the power to block firearms measures.

“We should not deny our communities and our state this opportunity that has been granted to us, of controlling both houses and the governor’s office, to pass tough measures of gun control in this session,” said Assmb. Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), who has sponsored several gun control bills.

“I would say this can be one of the biggest years when you go to the history book,” Ortiz said in an interview. “New York State will finally be able to move forward to have real gun control reforms in place.”

Isn’t it ironic that just a few weeks after such announcements were made, a virus that kills less than 2% of the population practically shut the entire state down?

Furthermore, BLM is responsible for violence across the country. And the NRA isn’t linking to a single violent crime.

Maybe the NRA is riddled with scandals. If so, I hope they take this opportunity to create a new board and move forward with protecting our second amendment right. But personally, I’m going to file this under “things that make you go hmmmmm.”

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