Georgia GOP Chairman Makes BOMBSHELL Claim

Georgia will soon be officially Trump Country!

A southern state going Democrat? Unheard of. And the Democrats know it. They tried to shoe-horn Stacy Abram’s big booty into the Senate, and almost succeeded using the same tactics they used on Trump.

Doug Jones lost in Alabama under the same circumstances. Democrats spent decades manufacturing votes. Only a first-class moron would believe Abrams to be a viable candidate. The same is true for former Mayor of Tallahassee and Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. The man who had male prostitutes on his speed-dial. He too came within a whisper of defeating DiSantis.
But all that corruption and fraud is about to be exposed. And unlike the Durham report, we know the end-date cometh. Democrats split their pants trying to convince America that Joe Biden is more popular than 2008 Barack Obama. That is a mathematical impossibility. And now the Republicans get the opportunity to prove it.
Without cheating on a massive scale, Democrats may very well lose their supposed “blue” states. Recall CA-25 where the Republican kicked the crap out of the Democratic challenger. Against all odds, I hasten to add.
According to NTD Television:

An official at Georgia Secretary of State’s office says that some people did illegally vote in the state. He said he expects an investigation to find that double-voters, and those who do not qualify to register, have voted in Georgia.

Gabriel Sterling, manager of Voting System Implementation at Georgia Secretary of State’s office, said:

“Let me be perfectly clear on another point: We are going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen. There are going to be double voters. There are going to be people who should, did not have the qualifications of a registered voter to vote in the state. That will be found.”

He said there will be an audit of the vote count and most likely a recount requested by the president. He noted, “When the margins are this tight, every little thing matters.”

However, the Enquirer, LA Times, CNN, and other mainstream media sources quickly denounced the idea that voter fraud exists. Some actually said “no credible instances of voter fraud can be proven.”

Do they think they covered it up that good?

Democrats honestly believe they can pull the wool over America’s eyes forever. Sure, the fact-checkers will crucify us for offering our opinion on things. But what will they do when those opinions migrate to facts? Will they come back and apologize? More so, will they restore our status among the “social media Gods” who reduce the distribution of any article denouncing leftism?

Here’s my take on the matter, and you can mark my words. Georgia will flip to Trump. Then PA. Next will be WI. Then other “battleground” states will follow. Because in truth, there were no battleground states. Trump won handily, blowing away the record of 2008 Barack Obama by over 3 million votes. And the numbers under Joe Biden are fiction at best.
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