Ratcliffe Warns Biden: Time to Get Real

Biden wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and slapped him in the face. There’s no telling what he actually believes to be factual. That’s because lies are Biden’s best friend.

Now, the threat of a Biden Administration looms over us like a category five hurricane ready to rip us to shreds.

Thank God there are still a few safety nets protecting our best interest. One such man is Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. And his loyalties are clearly to Uncle Sam, and not political pundits.

The Russians did it!

Back in October, Adam Schiff tried one more time to float the Russian narrative. Despite the fact that truth repeatedly debunks Schiff’s theories. And Ratcliffe stepped in to set the story straight.

As I previously wrote,

After Adam Schiff tried convincing people that the Russians were behind this “attack on the Bidens,” John Ratcliffe, Director of Intelligence, stepped forward to set the record straight.

Ratcliffe appeared on the morning show, “So Maria, it is funny that some of the people that complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing intelligence, and unfortunately, in this case, it is Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who, as you pointed out, said on Friday the intelligence community believes that Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails on it are part of some Russian disinformation campaign. Let me be clear. The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. We have shared no intelligence with Chairman Adam Schiff or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign.”

“It’s simply not true,” Ratcliffe continued. “And this is exactly what I said I would stop when I became the Director of National Intelligence, and that’s people using the intelligence community to leverage some political narrative. And in this case, apparently, Chairman Schiff wants anything against his preferred political candidate to be deemed as ‘not real’ and as using the intelligence community or attempting to use the intelligence community to say there’s nothing to see here. Don’t drag the intelligence community into this. Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign. And I think it’s clear that the American people know that.”

But of course, Democrats continued to press on, pretending to have Trump by the balls. Nevertheless, Ratcliffe continues to debunk Democrat delusions.

Now, Ratcliff again steps up to the plate.

Ratcliffe warned the incoming Biden administration against “politicizing intelligence,” urging them to “be honest about” and “acknowledge” that China is the “greatest national security threat that we face.”

As Fox News explains:

In an exclusive interview with Fox News following the publication of an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that outlined the threat China poses to the United States, Ratcliffe said he has a “unique vantage point” and the “ability to see more threat information than anyone else.”

“The intelligence is so clear that China is our greatest threat,” Ratcliffe said.

“People that equate other things, or say, oh, you know, Russia is a greater threat, they are politicizing intelligence,” Ratcliffe said. “I am hoping now that the election is over, now that people have voted, and if there is a Biden administration, that they will get past politicizing intelligence and be honest about China and acknowledge that China, and China alone is the greatest national security threat that we face.”

In fact, China has clear cut plans to dominate the globe. And since the United States is their biggest competition, the US is the target of China’s plan to mow down anyone in their way. As Ratcliffe put it, China intends “to dominate economically, militarily and technologically, and is the only country capable of challenging American supremacy across the board.”

Biden Lacks Leadership

Clearly, Biden lacks the leadership it would take to turn this threat around. Not only does he fail to have a set of balls, but he’s also on China’s payroll. It’s a lose-lose, and leftists know it. But still, they’d rather pretend Donald Trump is the threat to the American dream.

Biden doesn’t have to ruin the American dream on his own, because he’s ready to slap a for sale sign right across the heart of the USA. If leftists had any brains, they’d call Trump, apologize for the massive cheating, and beg him to stay four more years.

But liberals aren’t smart enough to see when the time to throw in the towel is right in front of them. That time is NOW.

“All of the threat streams that we have, from all aspects, militarily, economically, supply chain issues, foreign investment, technologically, cyber issues, cyber warfare, 5G, telecommunications — China is in all of those and they are the only country to be in that space and the only country that threatens America’s supremacy,” Ratcliffe told Fox News.

When asked whether the United States was in an offensive or defensive position with regard to China, Ratcliffe said the U.S. remains in an offensive place.

“Generals will always tell you that you want to fight from the high ground because it is easier to fight downhill than it is to fight uphill,” Ratcliffe said. “The urgency here is, in part, because we still are the dominant superpower. China wants to change that, but right now we have the ability to meet this challenge fighting downhill.”

“What I don’t want is for us not to take advantage and do that,” Ratcliffe continued. “We don’t ever want to be in a position that we’re fighting uphill. We don’t want to looking up at China.”

Sadly, Biden’s team refused to comment on Ratcliffe’s warning. Of course, we know what that means. The left has no intention of accepting the advice. Instead, they are busy planning the day America sells out to China, and gives up the very fabric of our being. Such things would never happen on Trump’s watch. But consider yourself well-warned, because I guarantee Biden’s administration already strategizes to destroy all we hold dear.





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