Tucker Carlson Challenged in Public

The Left attacks Tucker Carlson endlessly, mostly because he’s an avowed Conservative. But they hate that he is effective.

So Tucker is constantly harassed, and I’m sure he’s followed. They so want to catch him doing something wrong.
In this video, a man films Carlson fishing, and Carlson confronts him.

Initially, one might think the man is part of the Left-wing conspiracy. In fact, leftist tweeters say as much.

However, as the conversation progresses, it’s clear the man just enjoys encountering people doing strange things.
He believes Carlson is illegally fishing, and videotapes it. Carlson sees him and doesn’t get belligerent, though he finds the recording of him off-putting. The man explains what he does, and the two begin an exchange on fly fishing.
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In a similar encounter in a Montana sporting-goods store, an Instagrammer ambushed Carlson. The man actually shouted that Tucker is the “worst human being.” Later, the man identified as Dan Bailey wrote: “It’s not every day you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an asshole!”
It’s hard to make out Carlson’s exact response. However, he remains polite and his demeanor stays calm. Much like the first video.
Is there a moral to these stories?
Things aren’t what they seem, perhaps? Certainly kudos to Carlson for being cordial and not giving some Leftist reason to consider Conservatives unhinged…

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