Polls Show Biden Approval Sinking Fast

Biden’s approval ratings are going down like the Titanic. And it’s Independents he’s losing the fastest.

In fact, Independents sent Biden’s approval ratings crashing because they disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation, immigration, and especially the scamdemic.

No surprise there- Biden’s tanked the economy, unsecured the borders, and braced the country for WuFlu 2.0 as mask mandates and toilet paper hoarding resurface. Since April, Biden’s lost a solid 18 points in the polls. That’s not a good place to be as the midterms approach.

Of course, I fully expect the next round of elections to send one message straight to the White House. “We know the Big Cheat happened. And we will remedy the situation.”

According to Breitbart, the polls are on my side.

The poll by Morning Consult/Politico warns “Biden’s general reputation among unaffiliated voters” is “exposing an early problem for his party to remedy with 14 months to go until the midterm elections.”

Among registered independents, 44 percent of independent voters approve of Biden and 49 percent disapprove. His net approval “has dropped 18 percentage points among unaffiliated voters” since April.

Since June, registered independents have increasingly disapproved of Biden’s “handling of the economy and the pandemic” by “9 and 13 points, respectively, to 51 percent and 43 percent.”

The poll also suggests Biden is to blame for the “13-year high in inflation” and worsening immigration crisis, handing the President a 54 percent disapproval rating on the inflow of unvaccinated migrants on the southern border.

Politico’s poll isn’t the only one sensing danger for the President.

Breitbart reported Monday that Biden’s approval rating dropped ten points in 60 days to 52 percent, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris survey.

The Monday poll also revealed 47 percent of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track, compared to 39 percent who believed so in June. Even worse, the survey suggested 49 percent believe the Biden inflation ridden economy is on the wrong track, increasing from 42 percent in June.

Inflation and Immigration

Trump built a stellar US economy. Unemployment hit record lows. Trade made historical gains. People were working and spending those dollars. The stock market boomed. All Biden had to do was continue with Trump’s policies. Instead, he reversed every Trump success he possibly could. And now liberals act surprised that we’ve hit a massive iceberg.

However, at least voters see where the blame rests.

A Morning Consult poll released July 28 shows that 59 percent of “registered voters hold Biden’s economic policies responsible for rise in inflation in the United States, compared with 53% who point to Americans’ return to pre-pandemic behaviors.”

NPR adds:

As the U.S. economy continues to recover from the pandemic, prices have also been rising — on everything from groceries to used cars to airline tickets. In July, the Labor Department said that consumer prices saw the largest one-month increase since 2008.

And no matter how much Democrats deny it, we’re headed for inflation reminiscent of the 1970s.

As for immigration, it’s fair to say Biden screwed the pooch on that issue. Trump secured our borders so much that most migrants no longer planned to bully their way into the United States. Trump’s policies deterred them.

And for those who showed up, Trump demanded they come in legally. Because illegal immigration is both a danger to society and a drain on the economy. The latest estimates say illegal immigration costs upwards of $116 Billion annually! Biden’s policies will soon double, or even triple those numbers. Especially when Biden does things like fly immigrants into the country.

However, money is nothing compared to the deaths of innocent Americans. Kate Steinle may be the name we recall, because her murdered went free time and time again. But there are countless others who would still be alive were in not for the crimes of an illegal immigrant. Yet, leftists still defend illegals.

Still, immigration and inflation pale in comparison to Biden’s handling of the scamdemic.

WuFlu 2.0

Clearly, the first round of the WuFlu wasn’t devastation enough for leftists. The Biden Administration now wants the Delta Variant to keep socialism and government hand-outs alive and well.

While there are whisperings of a fourth round of stimulus checks, leftists deny the damage such handouts have on the future of our economy.

Consider the plight of North Carolina Buddy Shoup.

According to Fox and Friends:

“…he is out $24,000 in unpaid rent from tenants, while one renter bought three boats over the course of the eviction moratorium just as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a new ban that will last until Oct. 3.

Buddy Shoup, who owns 35 properties across the state, said that he has been forced to maintain the properties and hemorrhage costs while the federal government slowly dribbles out rental assistance, of which only 7% has been doled out to renters in need.

“[The money] was used, they went and bought brand new boats, but I mean, you know in a time of crisis like what we’ve been through, you’re evidently getting money from somewhere, but it’s not getting to me,” said Shoup.

It gets worse. Shoup still has to maintain the properties, so he’s making five thousand dollar air conditioning repairs while his tenants aren’t paying a dime. That’s leftism at its finest folks. And it’s destroying this country. But then so is our esteemed leader.



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