Dems Facing Fears: Biden Bungled 2024

If the Biden Administration were an atomic bomb, Hiroshima would pale in comparison. Because Biden’s blown every aspect of American prosperity to pieces.

Democrats thought the Big Cheat would solve everything. But when they put Biden at the helm, they underestimated the damage old Joe would have on the left. And like an atomic bomb, the effects will linger for decades.

In fact, if you visit the Kevin Jackson Network often, you know Biden’s blunders are a daily feature around here. There’s never a shortage of material, as the president’s misgivings come in bundles.

FNN further explains:

If political punditry were a stock market, Joe Biden’s shares would be trading at an all-time low.

Washington, like Wall Street, can be subjected to wild swings. The president’s fortunes were thriving two months ago and then started plummeting—what financial analysts would call a correction.

Now there’s a Biden Bear Market.

But for those not caught up in the frenzy of the moment, things are rarely as wonderful or horrible as they seem. The Biden White House was never as wildly successful as its biggest boosters contended, and the political obituaries of its greatest detractors may be a tad premature. People have short memories, and politics, like day trading, can be a crapshoot.

This is not to deny the recent damage suffered by a 78-year-old president. Trust and credibility can be hard to regain once they’re lost.

The Biden-bashing is hardly confined to the right. Late last month, as the administration mounted a desperate and chaotic effort to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan, the leading organs of mainstream media unleashed a sustained barrage of criticism.

“President Biden is mired in the most devastating month of his tenure in office — struggling to contain a deadly crisis in Afghanistan, an unyielding pandemic, and other setbacks that have sent waves of anger and worry through his party as his poll numbers decline,” said the Washington Post.

Despite what Fox News thinks, voters won’t soon forget the atrocities in Afghanistan. Nor will they ignore who’s to blame. And most Democrats know it.

Power for Grabs

Ronald Reagan once said “we must act today in order to preserve tomorrow.” And never was that more imperative than right now. Our economic growth is losing steam. Jobs are disappearing. Our energy independence is gone. Our very own president took direct action to destroy our border security and show weakness on a global stage. He caused 13 servicemembers to perish needlessly. Further, we’ve turned a blind eye to terrorism. It’s gut-wrenching to stand back and look at America. No longer in a state of glory. Why, you may ask? Because Trump was a little orange?

Who cares! He made us a lot of green. Yet, money isn’t everything, even for a billionaire. Trump also took back our self-respect. He commanded the nations to regard the United States highly in all dealings. Whether it be trade, immigration, or terrorism, Trump took a stand. Even the most staunch Democrats miss the leader they knew what to expect from. Especially when you consider the devastation of the Biden Administration.

When elections roll back around, all power is up for grabs.

FNN continues:

Biden’s low-key style—explicitly marketed as an alternative to the frenetic Trump years—is soothing when things are seen as going well. But when the news cycle overwhelms him, a president who grants few interviews and limits press questions can appear relegated to the sidelines.

On Saturday, Biden went to the 9/11 anniversary ceremonies in New York, Washington, and Shanksville, Pa., but did not give a speech. On one level such modesty is admirable, but it also amounts to ceding the megaphone that George Bush literally grabbed at Ground Zero.

What’s most telling at the moment is to watch some on the right who either accepted Biden as a reasonable alternative or outright supported him—because of their antipathy to Donald Trump—gradually turning on him.

Now part of this may be bitter disappointment in the man they saw as a plausible alternative, and part may be an attempt to regain some conservative cred after flirting with a liberal Democrat. But they can’t be accused of being reflexively hostile.

This is where Democrats admit Biden wasn’t exactly victorious.

“Biden was always fundamentally a default president, elected in opposition to Donald Trump and initially buoyed by the contrast to his outlandish predecessor,” says National Review Editor Rich Lowry. 

“Privately, Democrats must know that his performances at his press conferences weren’t reassuring, let alone commanding. The problem Biden has is that any act of incompetence will, fairly or not, raise questions about his age, even if he would have done exactly the same thing at 38 that he’s now done at 78.

“This isn’t a position of strength from which to deal with another structural problem that was submerged by his initial success getting new COVID-19 spending and by wishful press coverage — uncomfortably narrow margins in Congress.”

And that is undeniable. With Joe Manchin able to block anything too costly or liberal in the Senate, and the AOC wing able to sink anything too moderate, the clock is ticking on Biden’s domestic agenda before the likely loss of the House next year.

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In other words, optimism is fading fast. Democrats have but one choice. Prepare for total annihilation.

Bret Stephens, the New York Times conservative who voted for Biden, calls him “a diminished president…Joe Biden was supposed to be the man of the hour: a calming presence exuding decency, moderation, and trust. As a candidate, he sold himself as a transitional president, a fatherly figure in the mold of George H.W. Bush who would restore dignity and prudence to the Oval Office after the mendacity and chaos that came before.”

Now, says Stephens, Biden “has become the emblem of the hour: headstrong but shaky, ambitious but inept. He seems to be the last person in America to realize that, whatever the theoretical merits of the decision to withdraw our remaining troops from Afghanistan, the military and intelligence assumptions on which it was built were deeply flawed, the manner in which it was executed was a national humiliation and a moral betrayal, and the timing was catastrophic.”


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