Variant Farce: Move Over Delta, We’ve Got the MuFlu

The Delta variant wasn’t quite scary enough. So just in time for Halloween, we get a new mutation.

Of course, there are actually many variants floating around. Among the list of mutations are the eta, iota, kappa and lambda variants. But for now, meet the MuFlu.

Here’s what the Daily Mail tells us:

      • The Mu variant of COVID-19- which scientists fear could be more transmissible than Delta – has now been detected in all U.S. states with the exception of Nebraska.
      • Florida and California have reported 384 variant cases- the highest numbers among the 49 infected U.S. states.
      • Los Angeles County reported close to half of the California cases with 167.


I can’t wait to see the Mu exaggerations start. But first, let’s throw out a truthful number.

According to Sci Tech Daily:

Mu was first seen in Colombia in January 2021, when it was given the designation B1621. It has since been detected in 40 countries, but is thought to currently be responsible for only 0.1% of infections globally.

Mu has been much more prevalent in Colombia than anywhere else. When looking at coronavirus samples that have been genetically sequenced, 39% of those analysed in Colombia have been mu – though no mu samples have been recorded there in the past four weeks.

I’m sure leftists will take that .1% and extrapolate it to mean billions of people are at risk. In fact, I expect those rumors to already be circulating.

So what about the vaccine? Should those who took the death poke line up for a booster? I wouldn’t jump so fast if I were you.

Sci Tech Daily points out:

What makes mu particularly interesting (and concerning) is that it has what the WHO calls a “constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape”. In other words, it has the hallmarks of being able to get around existing vaccine protection.

That’s code for “don’t waste your time, the vaccine that already didn’t work can’t touch this.” (Thank you MC Hammer for those wise words.)

Strangely enough, Fauci admits the MuFlu is nothing to worry about.

The Daily Mail continues:

Dr. Anthony Fauci also commented on the Mu variant claiming that it would not be the next dominant COVID strain.

‘Even though it has not in essence taken hold to any extent here we always pay attention to at all times variants,’ he said.

‘We don’t consider it an immediate threat right now.’

Unfortunately, no one can take Fauci’s words to the bank. How many times did he flip-flop on masks? Or what about his idea to all start wearing goggles to prevent those deadly eye-spreading incidents. That guy’s as looney as they come. But if leftists are looking for a little expert assurance, there you have it.

As for the rest of us, it will be interesting to see how the new MuFlu narrative plays out. If Democrats are true to design, we’ll soon see a flood of warnings on social media begging us to stamp out the MuFlu with another booster of the death poke- the shot that can kill you, or paralyze your face, but can’t protect you from covid, no matter what narrative the liars try to feed us.

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