Nancy Pelosi Flip Flops on Vaccine Creation

Nancy Pelosi wants to commend President Biden for having a completely different approach to the pandemic than Donald Trump had. Which is quite confusing, considering leftists worship the WuFlu vaccine.

Let’s get real. Donald Trump knew the pandemic was a scam of epic proportions. But he was backed into a corner by leftists. Thus, he crafted a response that was the answer to every liberal’s wet dream: a fast-tracked vaccine to cure all.

Of course, we know the vaccination is actually more harmful that the virus, but we can’t say that too loud, because the so-called fact checkers will stop at nothing to keep Americans from making their own decisions.

Here’s the truth.

The vaccine shouldn’t still be dominating our news cycle. It only does because leftists refuse to honor a fundamental American value: personal freedom. In other words, you shouldn’t listen to me about the vaccine. Nor should you listen to Don Lemon, Bill de Blasio, Joe Biden, or Martha freaking Stewart. Because we are all just people who read some information and came to our own conclusions. Which is something you are perfectly capable of doing.

Oddly enough, if you refused to give your child a chicken pox vaccine, citing fears of autism or other side effects, your parenting would be deeply respected. In fact, people would commend your willingness to go against the mainstream to implement what you believe to be the best choice for your offspring. My how the double standards do grow! Especially when it comes to covid-19.

The public is bombarded daily with messages about getting vaccinated. So, when Nancy Pelosi cheers on Biden’s WuFlu approach, one has to wonder if she’s lost her mind. Cleary, Biden is steering the country towards total annihilation. Meanwhile, if we’re simply talking vaccine here, Pelosi must be forgetting how that vaccine came to be.

Trump fast-tracked that vaccine as a show of power. Which essentially means that either Pelosi loves Trump, or Pelosi doesn’t actually believe in the vaccine. Thus, Pelosi’s continuing endorsement of the vaccine creates one lingering fundamental question. Why isn’t Nancy singing Trump’s praises? Oh that’s right, Trump exposed Pelosi for her hypocrisies time and again.

Remember Salongate?

Trump was happy to rip into Pelosi when footage of the looney leftist emerged, showing her prancing around her salon without even a mask on. In fact, Trump said, “I’ll tell you what, she must have treated that beauty salon owner pretty badly. She uses the salon and the salon turned her in?” he said. “So I just put out that if she was set up, then she shouldn’t be leading the House of Representatives. I want the salon owner to lead the House of Representatives.”

In another instance, Trump was quick to call Pelosi “a sick woman.” The President went on to add “she’s got a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems. We’re dealing with people that have to get their act together for the good of the country.”

Given Trump’s opinion of Pelosi, it’s easy to see why the Speaker would be quick to criticize the former President. However, what’s much harder to understand is how Pelosi could commend Joe Biden.

About the only thing he’s done to America’s benefit is the time he spent hiding in his basement.

Go Joe, Go!

Pelosi is a one woman cheerleading squad for Biden. But she didn’t always feel that way. In fact, Pelosi was scared to death that if Biden debated Trump, he’d look like an utter fool. And of course, he did. Still, Pelosi did her best to keep Biden from participating. There’s quite a bit on irony in that, considering Pelosi knew about the upcoming coup.

Pelosi needs to face the facts. She’s one of the most unpopular politicians of our time. In fact, she’s hated even more than Donald Trump. And no amount of praising Biden will fix her popularity rating. Instead, Pelosi should focus her energies where they can most benefit our country: planning her retirement. Heck, I bet Donald Trump would even be willing to help her with that, as a public service, of course!

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