TRUMP Rally Recap! He Turned Iowa into I-OH-WOW!

The longer Biden stays in office, the more voters experience “buyer’s remorse.” Even leftists wish they could go back in time and make a better choice.

Yet, leave it to President Trump to revive the American dream during such desolate times. Tonight, he took the stage in Des Moines, Iowa to deliver a heaping helping of hope.

The top quotes from President Trump at tonight’s Rally were:

  1. On the border crisis: “We are becoming a dumping ground for very serious criminals. Biden is supposed to be protecting our country from foreign invasion. He said, “Come on in.”  Biden is paying contractors millions of dollars to NOT complete the wall. Is that incompetence or just bad ideology? And it wasn’t a whip by the way.”
  2. On the Republican party: “We will always stand with law enforcement.”
  3. On the corrupt 2020 election: “They rigged the election and now, based on the rigged election, they’re destroying our country.  Remember, this is not about me being robbed of an election. This is about the American people having their country taken away from them.  23,344 mail-in ballots came from people who no longer lived at that address. No chain of custody for 1.9 million votes.  2,500 duplicated ballots without missing serial numbers. Thousands and thousands of adjudicated blank mail-in ballots, ballots without signatures, and ballots from people who moved out of state. Files were deleted during the election in violation of federal law including a purge of the election management system. They used Covid in order to cheat.”
  4. On Arizona and the AZ Attorney General: “Arizona was, in my opinion, the least corrupt of the swing states. It’s now in the hands of the AZ Attorney General and let’s hope that he does the right thing for the country.”
  5. On Georgia: “There were 43,000 absentee ballot votes counted in DeKalb County Georgia that violated the chain of custody rules. There were many other infractions in Georgia, but Secretary of State Raffensberger and Brian Kemp hurt the country very badly, he’s afraid of Stacy Abrams. He refuses to take on the corrupt Democrats in the state of Georgia. I know it’s fraught with danger but you have to do it for this country.”
  6. On the Giant Illegal Ballot Harvesting Operation: “A new investigation alleges a gigantic illegal ballot harvesting operation involving large numbers of people in the state of Georgia and many other places.”
  7. On Stacey Abrams: “They do whatever she says, pretty amazing. I’d like to run against Stacey Abrams.”
  8. On Pennsylvania: “Hopefully the people of Pennsylvania are angry. This (voter fraud) cannot be allowed ti happen and will not allow the Republican majority to be reelected if they don’t get to the bottom of the trash. Thousands of voters reported receiving at least two ballots in the mail without requesting them. Thousands were complaining they were not allowed to vote becuase, they were told, they already voted. Some walked out crying. There has never been anything like this that has happened in our country before.”
  9. On Philadelphia: “The US Attorney of Philadelphia said, ‘In writing, I was told not to do anything, not to pursue it (the election fraud)’.”
  10. On Bellwether States: “In Michigan the legislature found that over 300,000 voters were listed even though they hadn’t voted in over 20 years. I won 18 out of 19 bellwether states.  No other president has ever done that.”

But as the rally concluded, thoughts returned to our current situation, thanks to our Commander in Sleep.

Biden’s failures in Afghanistan, alone, are enough to give the most liberal leftists pause. No one wants to be seen as a fool overseas.

Undeniably, Biden holds the responsibility for 13 dead Marines, a host of abandoned Americans and our allies, and he even deserted dogs. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats a dog. Need I say more?

Like Trump said, that would not have happened under his watch. Furthermore, we wouldn’t be minus more than $80 billion worth of military equipment. Trump’s move would have benefitted America. Instead, we took another hit.

As we know, life on the homefront isn’t any better. Obviously, the economy is in shambles.

Naturally, numbers never lie. And if we listen to the numbers, we know:

Inflation + no growth = stagflation. Something we haven’t seen since Jimmy Carter.  But under Trump we had: no inflation + incredible growth = best economy in our history.

The scamdemic is still clinging on. September job reports once again failed to hit the mark. Our energy independence no longer exists. I could go on and on, but it’s much more fun to hear it in the words of the greatest president in modern history, as we did tonight.

Forget 2020

I know, it’s hard to forget the Big Cheat. But let’s be honest. We know who won, fair and square. And we know who cheated, bigger than Dallas. Proving it, at this point, seems to be an enormous waste of money, because the leftist elites are never gonna raise their hands and say, “you caught me.”

So, how do we forge ahead? According to President Trump, we have a plan! Not just any plan, but a plan to “Save America.”

While he cemented his vision, rest assured, Trump also addressed Biden’s plummeting approval rating. According to reports, the current President’s approval is slipping to 31% in some polls. “Who the hell are the 31%?” Trump taunted. Just before he reminded crowds that Biden shut down the pipeline, destroying our gas and oil prices. And the hits just keep on rolling.

Surprises in Biden’s Spending Bill

Trump highlighted just a few of the ridiculous components in Biden’s new spending bill.

    • Increased taxes for families and businesses. In fact, families will shoulder higher taxes than ever before.
    • Companies would get a 100% tax advantage to relocate to CHINA!
    • Mass amnesty and free college for ILLEGAL aliens.
    • Eliminate caps on green cards for foreign workers.
    • Will grant every national that was refused entry under Trump’s travel ban entrance into the United States.
    • Unlimited number of Afghan refugees allowed over with free welfare. Food stamps, Medicaid, the whole nine yards.
    • $630B down payment on the socialist Green New Deal. Weren’t cow farts already laughed out of Congress?
    • New taxes and fees on gas and oil production that will destroy thousands of jobs.
    • New energy taxes on methane will increase our energy costs in our homes up to 60%. Smaller paychecks and bigger electric bills. Won’t that be nice?
    • Late term abortion will be legal again. Babies can be ripped apart as they leave the womb. All in the name of women’s rights.

And the spending bill isn’t our only rapidly growing problem.

Elections are totally corrupt in this country. Trump’s proven that. Meanwhile, he still won’t concede 2020. And the naysayers are starting to understand why.

A trustworthy leftist is as easy to find as a rainbow unicorn pooping glitter on the front lawn in the middle of July. Biden is demented. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is a dimwit who can’t solve a single problem. Nancy Pelosi is a nut job. There are far too many criticisms of Shifty Schiff, Mad Maxine and AOC to even get started. It’s become a waste of breath.

Leftists twist everything. If they do something ok, they act like its the greatest move in history. When Trumpers do something right, they pretend it was absolutely wrong. And then their #FakeNews counterparts back them up.

However, since the election, CNN ratings are down 80%. That right there should be proof that Lady Liberty is tired of the liberal rhetoric.

Sadly, F*ck Biden is the country’s new battle cry, as we ask ourselves if we’ll survive three more years under this Administration. Americans are resilient, yes. But Biden’s buffoonery is much more than his keepers estimated. It’s no wonder chants of “USA, USA, USA…” erupted time and time again.

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