We’re Just One Firing Away from “Build Back Better”

“Build Back Better” is a pretty cheesy slogan from an even cheesier president. But, according to Sean Hannity, there’s quite a bit of truth buried in the one-liner.

We can fix this country as soon as next year, but to get it done, we’ll have to rid Congress of a relic that’s been sitting in office since the eighties.

Yes folks, it’s time Nancy Pelosi’s days as a public servant come to an end. As Kevin McCarthy put it:

“The sad part about it, is that you are right. Had Joe Biden literally gone to sleep, our country will be stronger. We would be energy independent. It wouldn’t be China and Russia winning, it would be America that was winning. Our borders would be secure. We wouldn’t have rising inflation. This is the problem. One-party rule in one year. But the good news is, in less than one year we can fix this country if we fire Nancy Pelosi. That is why need everybody to go to firepelosi.com. Join the fight. It’s not just Republicans, it’s Democrats, independents. If you care about this country, if you want to change the course of history, we can do it and we can make it happen.”

Sadly, the first female Speaker of the House is a letdown to woman across the globe. She’s nothing but a nasty villain.

Back in 2018, The Detroit News wrote:

Economist Peter Ferrara… analyzed every economic crash and recovery over the past century, and found the Obama-Pelosi policies of 2009 and 2010 created the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression.

Of course, all this was before Biden became president. Now, “single party rule” has landed us in a world of hurt. Bidenflation plagued by record high gas and grocery prices, foreign policy that is an embarrassing joke, and ships piled up in the ports, unable to be unloaded. No one has seen anything like this.

Still, the article noted:

Pelosi’s failures aren’t limited to economics, either.  She was also one of the chief advocates of the Affordable Care Act, perhaps the single worst piece of health care legislation in American history.

Not only did the ACA force millions of Americans out of health insurance policies they liked—after being promised repeatedly that wouldn’t happen—it also subjected tens of millions of families to skyrocketing health insurance premiums and deductibles.

Premiums doubled from 2013 to 2017, and HealthPocket reports the average deductible for an Obamacare Bronze family plan is a whopping$12,186—well beyond what most people can afford to spend in the midst of a health care crisis.

Even after all of these failures, it appears Nancy Pelosi hasn’t learned her lesson.

 She’s still saying the best way to solve America’s health care challenges is to repair Obamacare—an impossibility, since its fundamentally and hopelessly flawed.  And she wants to impose costly renewable-energy mandates in a ridiculous attempt to control the weather and battle climate change.

Pelosi has mocked and ridiculed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, ignorantly referring to the thousands of dollars in extra cash delivered by the tax reform package to millions of American families as “crumbs.”

And she’s called for raising taxes on job-creators to fund her numerous proposals to expand the size and power of government—a strategy that would stunt economic growth and increase unemployment.

Pelosi’s policies have failed over and over again, which is why House Democrats took one of the biggest political beatings in U.S. history during the 2010 elections, when Democrats, in a single year, went from enjoying a 79-seat advantage to being stuck with a 49-seat deficit.

Pelosi’s policies offer Americans absolutely nothing they haven’t already seen and rejected before: more regulations, higher taxes, less freedom and fewer health care options.  It’s time for something better.

Despite knowing Pelosi’s history, Democrats put the witch in charge, again. Yet they claim they want to “build back BETTER.” Sadly, all the winning under President Trump wasn’t enough to show dimwitted Democrats the light. And in less than a year, she’s helped Biden leave America in shambles. Now, there’s only one move left: fire her. And the President she rode in on.



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