Biden Cost Taxpayers Another $350M With This Dumb Move

The border crisis threatens Texas and other southern states as more than a million migrants have walked across the border. But it’s not just our physical safety on the line.

When Biden canceled Trump’s big beautiful border wall, more than $350M in materials were abandoned. And guess who doesn’t give two cents about it? The party of wasting money, otherwise known as the left.

In fact, Texas recently decided to build the border wall independently. As such, an offer was made to buy these materials from the federal government. It’s a win-win idea. Texas gets supplies quickly and easily. And the federal government could recoup some of their expenses. But the government declined to sell the materials, leaving $350M just sitting on the ground wasting away.

And it’s not just wasted materials sucking our tax dollars. There are actually contractors still collecting pay to maintain ready built sections of the wall. They also guard materials such as light poles, electrical supplies, processed riprap rock, sand, crushed aggregate, culvert materials, and piping, and of course steel.

So basically, the taxpayers bought these materials to build a wall. Parts of it are built. But the current president doesn’t appreciate the secure border. So, we’re wasting far in excess of $350M. Recently, a Republican committee estimated that maintaining these materials costs $3M a day! For a president who wants to pass out $450K payments to illegals, one would think saving $3M a day would be a huge incentive. Still, Biden doesn’t want to use the materials. Nor will he sell them. Yet, he will pay to guard them because liberals don’t need actual money to spend. They live in the land of deficit spending. Is anyone else feeling an over-heated brain coming on?

Desperate Times for Border Patrol Agents

Biden’s lack of action on the southern border leaves Border Patrol Agents in a sticky situation. Now they’ve resorted to trying to fill holes on the wall themselves. As if they get paid extra for that!

Newsmax recently reported:

After President Joe Biden took office in January and ordered the southern border wall to stop being built, a major hole was left at Border Monument 3, one of the most vulnerable areas of the southern border.

This area, in the El Paso sector, is where Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico meet. The 20-foot gap in this area was allowing illegal aliens and smugglers to easily cross into the U.S., Border Patrol agents told the New York Post.

Richard Barragan, an agent in the El Paso sector, told the Post that “the contractors just stopped,” and pointed to the broken wall in the area after the contractors stopped building the wall after Biden took office. Agents also said that thousands of tons of building materials, including steel, have gathered rust since Biden ordered the stopping of the wall’s construction.

Agents decided to take it upon themselves to fill the gaps left in the wall by using both pieces of material left behind by these federal contractors, and other materials, such as old truck tires. Barragan said that “we have some agents who are good welders, and they put it all together,” and added that “any infrastructure is helpful to us. These are just some of the challenges we face every day.”

El Paso sector chief patrol agent Gloria Chavez said that “the wall enhances my officers’ safety. It delays entry and allows the agent to have the advantage. Additionally, it protects the agent.”

The Post notes that over the last year, attacks on Border Patrol agents by smugglers and drug traffickers have nearly doubled in the El Paso sector, from 23 in fiscal year 2020 to 40 this year so far.

It Gets Worse

Ted Cruz recently called upon the Biden Administration to do something about illegal immigrants after a potential terrorist was apprehended at the border. There’s absolutely no telling just how many other terrorists, gang members, or criminals have already made it through.

Still, Kamala hides in DC, and Biden can’t remember his name long enough to fix it. Clearly, this country barely survived year 1 of this administration. Three more will leave us in shambles on the ground. Make no mistake. The Greater Depression is knocking on our door.


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