Matt Gaetz Warns Democrats on Jan 6 LIES

Democrats lie for sport. And the Jan 6 “insurrection” is just another fabrication by Democrats.

The idea that Republicans who marched to “Stop the Steal” suddenly acted like BLM or Antifa challenges the mind of even the most ardent Leftist idiot. The fact is, Democrats created the Jan 6 incidents. Just like they manufactured 81 million votes for Biden and the story of Russian collusion, Democrats created nothing out of thin air. So, like both those fake stories they created, Democrats now try to propagate more propaganda around Jan 6.

Peaceful protesters have been wrongly imprisoned for nefarious deeds of Democrats on that day. And now these mostly innocent Americans perform as scapegoats for lying Leftists.

Many have said they have been beaten. And Democrats use loopholes to deny them bail.

A group of Republican lawmakers offer hope. In this video, Representative Gaetz shot over the bow of Democrats regarding the future.

We must dig our heels in against the liberal Marxists attempting to overthrow our democracy. A new future awaits. It will all unfold on November 8, 2022. It will be the day conservatives take back control of Washington, D.C. and “Save America”.

Until then, we must continue to push for the truth to pull forward in all this nonsense.

We got one morsel of the truth yesterday with the admission that Adam Schiff doctored messages between Jim Jordan and White House Chief of Staff Mark Mathews.

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No wonder the committee doesn’t want Republicans to assist in their assessment of the events as they unfolded.

In fact, the committee refuses to have Republican participation whatsoever. They won’t allow McCarthy to sit on the committee, and Pelosi won’t allow McCarthy to appoint anyone. Instead, the old goat hand-picked every committee member.

Speaking of Pelosi, she’s now vowed to run again in next year’s midterms. Despite her promise to step-down, she’s even considering trying to remain the party leader. Cleary, Pelosi’s forced to go back on her word because Democrats need her to keep the cheat going. Obviously, Democrats don’t have room to lose any of their top tier fixers.

Not only do they need their fixers, but Democrats will also continue to bombard the mainstream media with leftist lies.

Consider the latest buzz from CNN:

If politics still turned on truth and facts, this would be the week when the lie-filled foundations of Donald Trump’s movement imploded, destroying his apparent dream of a return to power after the 2024 election.

But it is the ex-President’s greatest, most subversive victory that his empire of falsehoods will surely survive new disclosures that lay bare his own abuses of power and the voter-mocking deceit of his political and media enablers.
While there has already been a steady accumulation of shocking evidence of Trump’s coup attempt on January 6 and the emptiness of his election fraud claims, recent days put the saga into a horrifying new light. They brought the clearest indicators yet that the entire Make America Great Again infrastructure and Trump’s potential next White House campaign rest on hogwash and the whitewashing of history.
Interesting. CNN is at the very bottom of the barrel, and they still refuse to swim upstream. Maybe broadcasting the truth overheats their servers. Because they sure do desperately cling to their lies. As if Biden really got 80M votes and was more popular than Baby Black Jesus! Can I get an Amen?

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