Biden’s Home State Issues the Proverbial Finger

Mask This!

While Biden proceeds to attack governors such as Greg Abbot of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida, the tide continues to turn.

Now, the president is at odds with states on both sides of the aisle, including his home state, New Jersey.

I don’t see things getting any better for Biden. Last year, Kevin Jackson predicted that midterms would send the left backpedaling as fast as they could. Because the scamdemic made millions of Americans walk away from the blue. And the red wave is building. By election day, it will be a tsunami of reckoning. And if you need proof, look no further than Biden’s own party.

FNN reports:

New Jersey will become one of the latest states to drop the mandates, with Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, announcing on Monday the Garden State’s plan to unmask.

Murphy is slated to make the announcement on Monday during a pandemic briefing in Trenton. The mandate will officially be lifted on March 7, an official with the governor’s office confirmed to Fox News Digital on Monday morning.

The New Jersey Democrat renewed the school mask mandate just last month by declaring a public health emergency.

Even Biden’s home state of Delaware, for which he served as a senator for nearly four decades, is ditching mask mandates.

Delaware Gov. John Carney announcedon Monday that the First State would be dropping its mask mandates in indoor public spaces on Friday and mask mandates in schools next month.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf handed over masking requirements to schools in the Keystone State last month after the state Supreme Court struck down his mandate.

I get why Texas and Florida dropped the mandates months ago. They’re ridiculous. However, one would think New Jersey would heed Biden’s advice, if for nothing more than some home state solidarity. Instead, blue states are realizing just how fast they’re sinking in the scamdemic quicksand.

I was literally shaking my head when this tweet confused several leftists. One actually said “I’m confused. Mask or no mask. What do you want?” Allow me to give Marlon Lawson 007 a little help. Lesko isn’t actually talking about whether to mask or unmask. We know masks are a waste of money, and useless as a health aid. What Lesko is referring to is the suspect timing.

Leftists were clinging to these mandates as if their lives depended on them. But now that an election is looming, they need to disconnect themselves from the scamdemic. Because the day voters hit the ballot box, we will send a very clear message to Congress. They will answer for their crimes against America.

And when it happens, it won’t be good news for Biden. In fact, America is tired of being “made in China.” And she wants a real president back in the saddle.

Tweeters Weigh In:


In other words, at this point, anything has to be better than Joe Biden.




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