China Wants to Rule the World, with Biden’s Help

Biden's Russian fumble is a key play.

It’s no surprise that Putin smelled blood in the water. The day Joe Biden was inaugurated, one thing became crystal clear. The United States no longer had a leader.

Thus, Putin pulled the trigger and invaded Ukraine. Of course, he thought it would be an easy win. He never expected President Zelensky to stand in the streets and fight with his people. But that’s besides the point. The point is that Joe Biden never had an effective strategy to manage this crisis. Instead, he seemed to play right into it.

As Fox News explains:

Author Gordon G. Chang warns that President Biden’s lack of significant action against Russia will help China’s efforts to “marginalize the United States” as Beijing is closely monitoring the administration’s ineffective response to the invasion of Ukraine.

“China wants to destabilize the world. It certainly wants to marginalize the United States and Russia is doing Beijing’s bidding,” Chang told Fox News Digital backstage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) following his appearance on the CPAC main stage.

“That’s why Beijing has announced all of these no-limits partnerships, and we’ve heard all of these commodities deals recently. $117.5 billion of new oil and gas arrangements that was announced February 4,” he continued. “Just a couple of days ago we had 100 million metric tons of coal to China. Basically, Beijing is financing Russian expansionism because it’s good for China because it makes sure that the United States is preoccupied in Europe.”

Last week, Sergey Mochalnikov, the head of the Russian Energy Ministry, announced a pact that will add to an already lucrative deal Russia signed with India in Nov. 2021 to supply 40 million tons of coal. Russian news outlet TASS, which is owned by the government, reported on the deal.

Of course, you can bet the government-owned news is quite selective in the details they supply. Otherwise, their propaganda wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

A Slice of Humble Pie

Growing up, I remember my grandparents talking about serving humble pie. The first time I heard it, I was confused. What was this flavor “humble” supposed to taste like? Of course, I never applied the concept to foreign relations. However, China apparently wants to serve us a great big slice.

Chang also warns that China “likes to see the United States humbled” and the current administration is making things easy for them.

“Biden is not defending Ukraine and Europe the way he should be,” Chang said. “Beijing is watching very closely what the United States does.”

Chang noted that there was an onslaught or propaganda coming from Beijing last summer following Biden’s botched withdraw from Afghanistan.

“How the United States couldn’t win wars anymore, how when China invaded Taiwan that the island would fall within hours and the U.S. military would not come to help,” he said. “So, clearly they’re watching U.S. responses to Ukraine.”

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has suggested the nation would take control of Taiwan in the near future.

“This does create an opportunity for Xi Jinping, who otherwise might have been deterred by the United States. Now, he sees the United States not using its power, so therefore, there is this opening that Xi Jinping is starting to perceive,” Chang said.

Meanwhile, Biden Just Got Played

When China bought a demented clown, it was money well spent. Just as soon as the Biden Administration developed a strategy for dealing with Russia, he handed it over to the Chinese. Then, the Chinese passed it on to Russia without hesitation.

All of which leaves just one glaring question behind. Where are the investigations? I’m pretty sure Democrats launched an investigation into who Trump voted for on American Idol. Yet, Biden’s behavior is simply accepted. Or ignored. Either way you slice it, our president is a dirty scoundrel.

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