Snake Oil Salesmen: Never Trust a Democrat

Never trust a Democrat. No matter what they tell you, they are as we say in the vernacular, “running game”.

Democrats see politics as a game. Because in their game, they don’t have to necessarily live their politics.

For example, Democrats pretend to love fairness, and “leveling the playing field”. They pretend to fight for the little guy. That notion is laughable at best; because Democrats constantly use and abuse the little guy. And always for votes.

When Democrats are forced to live their politics, they don’t really have to care. They set up annuities through their jobs or some unscrupulous means, so they never have to work.

Democrats retire in such a way to make the same amount of money in retirement as they did at work. And what’s more funny, when they worked, they skated. Those conniving bastards make sure there are five people to do every job. This is why Democrats love unions and government jobs. Because these jobs have lots of minions, trained to vote Democrat.

These “little people” are losers whom Democrats convince are winners. So Democrats help these dirtbags get things like subsidized housing, welfare, snap cards, and so on. They receive socialized medicine and feel exhilarated because they get something for “free”. These idiots spend hours waiting in line, usually behind illegals or other “bush league” minorities the Democrats groom like child prostitutes.

And what of the Democrats’ stellar “free” education?

Bernie Sanders said ‘free college for everybody.’ Mostly community college. Because as Chris Rock joked, “Anybody in the community can go!”

Imagine valuing something that anybody can have for free. Like public bathroom toilet paper. Notice nobody steals that. Because public toilet paper is single-ply 100 grain sandpaper sure to wipe the hair off Sasquatch’s ass.

Democrats won’t offer free Ivy League schools. Those schools are for the children of the elites, and a few hand-picked bottom-feeders.

So politics is sport for Democrats. Either you believe their ideology or you are the enemy. Shops close on Saturday, Democrats put on their team blue, and root against the red jerseys. So what the Democrats’ team is full of self-indulgent players. The team can even have Hollywood rapists, embezzlers, money-launderers, as long as they proclaim to be donkeys.

Now, it seems Democrats are losing ground.

According to the Guardian, commotion is everywhere you look.

When it comes to rural America, the Democrats are not doing well. They have lost Arkansas, which had two Democratic senators as recently as 2010. They’ve lost Minnesota’s farm country and its Iron Range in the north – once strongholds of the state’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor party. As of 2020, they’re on the verge of losing south Texas. And they’ve lost Colorado’s Western Slope. In 2010, the region was held by a Democrat, but it’s now represented in Congress by Lauren Boebert, best known for tweeting about the locations of lawmakers during the January 6 riot, pledging to carry her handgun into Congress, and going on a racist tirade against Representative Ilhan Omar.

Unlike some of her fellow far-right House members, Boebert does not represent a deep-red seat. In 2020, she won with only 51.4% of the vote. Colorado’s third district is large and varied, covering the state’s entire western half. Federal public lands comprise much of the area, which also includes ski towns high in the Rockies, large chunks of farmland, and a couple of midsize cities. The areas near the New Mexico border have substantial Latino populations.

This has not inspired Boebert to moderate her positions or reach out to those who didn’t vote for her in 2020. On the contrary, she continues to dial up a persona that seems designed to inflame the culture wars and offend many of her own constituents. Add to her political theatrics the fact that she hid a $1m connection between her husband and an oil and gas firm, and it’s hard to think of a better opportunity for Democrats to shake their losing streak and regain a rural seat.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

The party seemed to agree, and it adopted a well-worn approach. A frontrunner for the Democratic nomination emerged early on in Kerry Donovan, a popular state senator widely viewed as a rising star in Colorado. Her entry into the race received attention from Politico and the Associated Press, and she was boosted by national Democratic fundraising groups, bringing in nearly $2m by the end of September 2021. Her first campaign ad depicted her on horseback, sporting a cowboy hat. A few seconds later, she lugged hay bales in slow motion, as if to secure her credentials as a “rancher”, a label also affixed to her campaign Twitter account.

Donovan does indeed own a ranch, but there’s more to the picture. She also lives in the swank ski town of Vail, which was never part of the third district. On the ranch, which sits some miles west of the town and was included in the third district’s old boundaries, her family raises fuzzy Scottish highland cows. As a local Democratic official told me when Donovan entered the race: “That’s not ranching in western Colorado. That’s a hobby.” In November, Donovan suspended her bid after Colorado’s redistricting commission just barely sliced the ranch out of Boebert’s district. (Seven other Democrats remain in the primary.)

Optical Illusions Remain

Democrats seems to have adopted this wholesome famer façade. They go for that rustic rancher vibe to seem more “all American.” How many photo shoots involve beautiful land, an antique pick-up truck, and a cowboy hat?

The former Indiana senator Joe Donnelly chopped wood in one campaign ad – he “split” from the national party, you see. In 2017, there was Rob Quist, a “singing cowboy” with no prior political experience whom Montana Democrats picked to run for an open House seat. Quist never appeared in public without a hat, and it was a great hat, but he still lost. Last fall, the longtime New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof announced that he was running for governor of Oregon. His Twitter account describes him as an “Oregon farmer”. (In January, state election officials determined that Kristof is ineligible to run for governor, because he does not meet Oregon’s residency requirements.)

These put-on personas – cowboy, rancher, farmer – are meant to signal not just authenticity, but also an independence and toughness tied to the mythos of the frontier.

But no matter what Democrats try, it’s still just putting lipstick on a pig. It might look a little spiffier, but it’s still a pig.

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