More Inflation Pains Plague Americans

Average families are drowning under Biden.

What was the real goal of the Big Cheat? Because I’ve yet to find anything good to come out of it.

Biden said he wanted to “Build Back Better,” but so far, all he’s done is take away every shred of #Winning Trump gave to us. But worse than strip us of any successes we gained, the Biden Administration is DESTROYING our ability to survive day to day.

Citizens across the country are feeling the pinch of Bidenflation. And considering what’s coming down the pipeline, things are only going to get worse, until we get rid of this demented clown.

Fox News elaborates:

Inflation is costing families nearly $300 a month, according to a recent report by Moody’s Analytics, and people in Wyoming told Fox News they are feeling it.

“I think it sucks,” Zack from Jackson, Wyoming said. “I think it’s totally avoidable, and I think the idea that we are still importing oil when we could be totally independent is outrageous, and it’s a scam, and it’s upsetting.”

Nate, also from Jackson, told Fox News he paid between $10 and $15 more at the pump on Wednesday.

“I know what’s going on internationally,” Nate said. “I sort of understand the situation and just hoping … in the next couple of weeks, it sort of goes back to a little bit more normalcy.”

The average cost of gas in Wyoming is slightly below the national average of $4.28, according to AAA.

Shaun, who owns a construction business in Jackson, said inflation has hurt his bottom line.

“I’m feeling that with my house and my business,” Shaun said. “Trying to keep the business running is kind of a bummer.”

Asked what he would do if the money lost to inflation was back in his pocket, Shaun told Fox News he would invest it in his business.

Ashley, from Boise, Idaho, said she would use the extra funds to put gas in her car.

“For me, it’s all about savings at my age,” one man said. “It’s part of this life that … I look forward to retirement one day.”

Zack told Fox News he would spend the money on “regular life things.”

“Taking care of my family and food and all the other things that are now costing more and more every day,” he said.

Clearly, Fox just picked a few people standing around for this particular article. They didn’t bother to dig in any deeper. Probably because it’s way too depressing to look into for too long. And it doesn’t take much digging to find people fed up with the president.

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A Closer Look

Here’s a little snapshot of Bidenflation here in Texas. Last week, I spent more than $500 at the grocery store. It was a four day supply of food. And I couldn’t find the cereal my kids like, nor was there any Pedigree dog food.

Further, when Trump was president, I was so prosperous, I bought myself a shiny black Suburban. I’d spent years day-dreaming of one. I was so excited to buy the long-awaited SUV after driving an old beater for twelve years, and my first fill-up was $46 from a nearly empty tank.

Of course, at the time, I still had money at the end of each month. Maybe not much, but I had something left. With Biden as President, it seems we get through almost 3 weeks on the money we’ve earned. Then we have 7 to 10 days of scraping up change for Ramen noodles. Now it costs $123 to fill up that same Suburban. And nothing is getting “better.”

My February grocery bill topped out at $2,300. Granted, I have a big family. But groceries and gas aren’t the only places I feel the pinch. Forget pinch, let’s try gut punch. The electric bill nearly doubled in January. The water bill is higher. And insurance companies are warning of rate increases on the horizon. Guess what isn’t making any big moves? Salaries.

Corporate Greed?

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Creepy Joe are blaming all this on corporate greed. They’re denying product shortages and Bidenflation. However, they’ve forgotten one big problem with their theories.

Let’s pretend for five seconds that American companies really are being greedy and just profiteering to our detriment. Guess who would nip that in the bud real fast? That’s right! Donald Trump. So either way you slice it, our president in an ineffective loser. He’s failed us on every level. “Build Back Better?” Someone let me know when that kicks in. I’m sure it will happen right after the red Tsunami washes over DC. As long as we’ve purged the Oval Office of anything Biden-related.

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