Americans Sue Hillary Clinton for $35 million on Behalf of Taxpayers

Robert Mueller spent over $35M from American taxpayers investigating the 2016 election. And he promised to layout the cold hard truth.

Instead, we got a big fat nothing burger. And it’s time the American people recover their funds. That money could do a lot of good in conservative hands.

Apparently, Mueller never quite drummed up all the information available. Such as Hillary Clinton’s involvement in creating the Russian narrative that followed President Trump throughout his term. However, much like a splinter buried deep in your thumb, the truth eventually festers and works its way to the top.

Now, John Durham is laying out the facts. And Democrats are shaking in their shorts. But it’s Bob Mueller that should be drowning in embarrassment. Because once again, someone who declared themselves to be one of a higher loyalty turned out to be just another liar.

Clearly, Mueller lied to us! Surely, he followed the same evidence John Durham is following. So why didn’t he reach the same conclusions? Is this another one of those  “orange man bad” dogmas that plagued President Trump? Or did Mueller miss the forest because he was too focused on the trees? Either way, it doesn’t look good for Mueller or his team.

Even the mainstream media agrees.

As Fox News reports:

Emily Compagno sounded off on special counsel Robert Mueller following the bombshell testimony from former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. The “Outnumbered” co-host said Monday it is “absolutely unacceptable” that Mueller’s report didn’t mention Hillary Clinton approved of leaking the Trump-Russia allegations to the media, given the extensive resources for Mueller’s investigation.

EMILY COMPAGNO: They used 19 special prosecutors, more than 40 FBI agents. We footed that entire bill. They produced three separate reports that basically said, ‘well, we can’t prove a connection between Trump and Russia, but we can’t disprove it.’ All it would have taken is five minutes spent in a room with this guy who could have said, ‘yes, actually, it was greenlit by Hillary Clinton. Actually, yes. There was not one modicum of truth to this.’

And instead, this really important person is the one who approved of and spearheaded it being leaked to the media. And listen, if I was one of the attorneys on Mueller’s team, I would not only be extremely embarrassed right now, but I would have a lot of questions. Because either they did know and it didn’t make it into the report, or they didn’t know. And either of those answers are absolutely unacceptable.

So what now?

Trump is already suing Hillary for $25M over the damages done to his reputation. But I think it’s time we file our own lawsuit. In fact, the Kevin Jackson Network will sue Hillary Clinton so that we can recover our $35M. We worked hard for that money. We do back-breaking labor day after day for Hillary to sit in her little gated community, while planning our demolition. And it’s time she pay back the damage she’s done.

To be honest, $35M is only a dent in the destruction Hillary’s caused. But we’ll take it. Going forward, every single time Clinton crawls out of her little hole, we will hold the wicked witch accountable. The Clintons are no longer above the law. Oddly enough, I was just reminded of the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy’s house drops on the wicked witch of the west. Hillary will soon meet the same fate.



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