Indiana Reveals Why They’re SUING BLM

Show us where the money went!

Black Lives Matter operates as a shill for the Democratic Party. And anti-American terrorists run the organization.

These America-hating black Marxists created a front organization that is so blatantly racist, their very name flies in the face of racial sanity. Black lives matter no more than any life. ALL lives matter. But this group managed to make the latter appear to be racist, versus the obvious racism of singling out Blacks.

But their hypocrisy only begins with the name.

Black Lives Matter leaders used funds raised by the group as their personal piggy banks. These misuses of funds prompted an investigation in Indiana.

According to WXIN, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced on Thursday that his office had filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF). The lawsuit references an ongoing investigation into how the group was using donations raised for activism.

Rokita’s office pointed to a BLMGNF 2020 report that reported the group had raised more than $90 million in 2020.

The organization claimed in the report that it had distributed about $21.7 million to 30 local Black Lives Matter organizations and affiliated chapters, including an affiliated chapter in South Bend. However according to the attorney general’s office, an IRS filing by BLMGNF for the first half of 2020 claimed the group had zero revenue, expenses, and assets during that time period.

Ballers, Shot Callers

Apparently BLM thinks it has reached “Al Sharpton” status in conforming to filings. Recall that Sharpton owed millions in back taxes, then suddenly had a fire in his office that destroyed all his records.

As for BLMGNF, Rokita’s office issued a Civil Investigative Demand to the organization. The action is meant to “determine if the organization’s actions constitute a violation of either the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act or the Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act.”

So now the state wants Black Lives Matter to provide information and documents relevant to the investigation. What exactly is BLMGNF doing with the funds raised? Are they buying millions of dollars in houses, like some BLM groups in other states? The AG has a responsibility to insure that charitable organizations live up to their charters.

“Under Indiana law, failure to comply with the civil investigative demand could result in sanctions against the entity, including barring the entity from any future fundraising in Indiana, among other possible remedies,” the attorney general’s office wrote in a statement.

Rokita called on Indiana residents who may have been affected to file a consumer complaint, WXIN reported.

I’m not optimistic that Blacks will call out the organization. Because in the black community, “snitches get stitches”.

Still, the investigation is a step in the right direction. Because BLM claims to want to help blacks. However, $90 million used effectively in the community would change the trajectories of many lives. Unless, of course, it’s wasted on just a few fancy houses.



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