Is Comey Next on the Chopping Block?

James Comey has just been implicated in the Russian collusion scandal. The real Russian collusion scandal- you know, the one where Hillary Clinton ordered the hit on Donald Trump’s reputation!

I’ll be the first to admit it. For a while there, I wondered if anyone would ever try to nail Hillary for the crimes she committed during the 2016 election. But I had faith that if anyone was willing to give it their best shot, John Durham was our guy.

Imagine my delight when I saw headlines that someone finally testified against the high and mighty glass-ceiling chaser. And it was one of her inside people at that. We knew Hillary was behind the Dossier. Behind the stories of Trump being in cahoots with a Russian bank. In fact, there’s a saying that rings quite true right now. It says “for every Democrat accusation you hear, there is a confession buried in there somewhere.

So far, that’s proven to be quite the rule of thumb. But now we get to add to our list of naughty-doers. And next up on the list is none-other than the not-so-admirable James Comey. What’s the name of that book he wrote again? A Higher Loyalty? More like a higher stink-factor. This guy walks into a rose bush and comes out smelling like a septic tank.

According to Fox News:

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker on Thursday testified that he briefed then-FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andy McCabe on allegations brought to him by Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in September 2016 claiming a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Kremlin-linked bank, and confirmed that the FBI was “already conducting an investigation” into possible ties between Russia and then-candidate Donald Trump at the time of the Sussmann meeting.

During questioning by federal prosecutors Thursday morning, Baker repeatedly stressed that he believed Sussmann when he said he was acting as a concerned citizen in bringing the Trump-Russia allegations to the FBI, and “not on behalf of any client.”

Baker testified that upon receiving the information from Sussmann during their meeting on Sept. 19, 2016, which alleged what Baker described as a “surreptitious” communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russian-based Alfa Bank.

“The FBI was already conducting an investigation into alleged connections between the Trump campaign and Russians at this point in time, so that was a matter of great concern to all of us,” Baker said.

Baker later testified that after the FBI investigated the allegations of a connection between Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, they found that “there was nothing there.”

Following the Sept. 19, 2016 meeting with Sussmann, Baker said he immediately notified then-FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap, and later, briefed Comey and McCabe.

“Here was another type of information between Trump and Russia that had come to me,” Baker said, describing it as “concerning” and “time sensitive.”

“It seemed to me of great urgency and great seriousness that I would want to make my bosses aware of this information,” Baker said. “I think they were quite concerned about it.”

“Trump, at the time, was a candidate for office of the president of the United States, so, the FBI is investigating allegations related to his potential interactions, and those people on his campaign, with the government of the Russian Federation,” Baker said.

He added: “And that was of high, high importance to the FBI at this point in time.”

Of course it was of high importance.

Because there was no way in hell Hillary was going to win on her own. Unfortunately, her loss came with unintended consequences.
After the Big Cheat flopped in 2016, Democrats doubled down in 2020. Think about it. Every advantage under the sun wasn’t enough to put the first woman president in office right after the first black president. Thus, Trump was public enemy number one. Plus, he succeeded on every front, something EVERY Democrat in modern history failed to accomplish.
However, we now have midterms around the corner. And the red tsunami will no doubt usher in Trump’s return in 2024. Maybe by then, Hillary, Comey, and the rest of their cronies will have prison identification numbers and cell mates to keep them company. If not, I’m sure Trump can get that job done, too.

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