Polls Say Biden Should be Impeached

While America’s pretend media continue coddling Biden, his shenanigans haven’t gone unnoticed.

People know a few truisms, when it comes to Biden.

    • He’s brain-damaged
    • Biden is a political user, regardless of brain status
    • He’s a pathological liar
    • Biden is the best Leftist Democrats have
    • Biden is “the big guy”
    • He’s in cahoots with Hunter Biden and did crooked deals with Russia, Ukraine, and China

Because of these truisms, Biden and Democrats got caught in the wake. Based on a new national poll, people refuse to believe that Biden is clean.

Responding to the latest Harvard-Harris poll, 58 percent of registered voters believe Joe Biden “was part of Hunter Biden’s business on behalf of Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese interests.”

Sixty percent of voters also said they believed that business “was selling influence and access to his father Joe Biden.”


It only gets worse for Biden from there, with 67 percent saying they believe if Joe Biden “secretly participated and facilitated in Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling business” that is an impeachable offense.

Support for impeaching Biden appears to be growing.  A Rasmussen Report poll released in January found 50 percent of Americans supporting Biden’s impeachment.

Amazingly, 50 percent of black voters and 34 percent of Democrats supported impeaching Biden in the January Rasmussen poll.  The new Harris poll did not break its results out by group.

The issue will likely only get worse for Biden. If Republicans win a majority in the U.S. House in November’s elections they plan to investigate Hunter Biden’s business deals.

At this point, a win for Biden is as likely as finding Jimmy Hoffa’s remains.

Democrats have lost ground on every front. Interestingly, I did see one YouTube video claim Biden is actually gaining in the polls. But that is propaganda. We deal in facts. And the fact is, Biden’s also losing young people. In 2020, he supposedly did well with them. Clearly, things change.

NPR reports:

As the political calendar inches towards the midterm elections in November, a run of recent polling all points to one thing: President Biden has a problem with young voters.

The new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found support for the president had plummeted 16 points among Gen Z and millennials in the past year, to sit at 37% — the lowest of any age group in the U.S.

Harvard’s Institute of Politics also found approval ratings with Gen Z were down 18 points in the past year, to 41%, and Gallup found a 21-point drop to 39%.

Climate change, racial justice, and student debt are some of the key issues for young people, said Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez, president and executive director of NextGen America, one of the biggest youth vote-mobilizing organizations in the country.

“When you combine millennials and Gen Z, they are the largest voting bloc in American history — 65 million young people that are eligible to vote in that younger demographic,” she said.

While Democratic pollsters are sounding the alarm, many young voters say it’s no surprise to them.

Simply put, Biden was looked at as some kind of “safer than the orange man” option. But he failed to perform. Obviously, Biden spent decades relying on older generations who went with “tradition” and “the old ways.” But Gen Z likes to shake things up. Which means that red Tsunami will soon open the investigations wide up.

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