End of Trump Policy Spells Disaster

Just outside of San Antonio, at least 53 immigrants died a horrible death, trapped in an 18-wheeler in the sweltering Texas heat.

When my husband relayed the story to me, my stomach turned. It’s so hot outside, I can’t even mow the grass. The other day, my car said it was 114°F. Maybe the hot pavement and my black vehicle helped jack up the temperature reading, but it’s still hotter than a jalapeno’s coochie down here.

ABC News reports:

Chris Magnus, the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told reporters he was “horrified” by the incident.

“Horrified at this tragic loss of life near San Antonio,” Magnus said Monday. “This speaks to the desperation of migrants who would put their lives in the hands of callous human smugglers who show no regard for human life.”

These people journeyed here from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Looking for the “good life,” as they say.

I am physically sickened by the fact that these people were packed in a truck like sardines, and left in that virtual oven as the body count kept on going. Can you imagine some guy with his elbow in your personal space and his breath in your face until suddenly, he’s no longer breathing?

Worse yet, the criminals transporting this immigrants poured meat tenderizer over their bodies, trying to hide the smell of what they’d done.

Right now there are 28 survivors of this ordeal. Their memory of “coming to America” is now the deadliest incident of human smuggling in US history.

When people die, they pee, poop, and drool on themselves. Imagine that stench times 53 people times 100° heat times gallons of meat tenderizer squeezed together in a metal box. It’s unimaginable. But guess what?

This could’ve been prevented by BORDER SECURITY! But our president doesn’t give two cents about border security or human life, as his policies clearly show.

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Biden Bragged of His Policies

When the President issued a statement about the 18-wheeler incident, he actually bragged that his policies were helping to end human trafficking. And millions of braindead morons believe him. But that’s not the truth at all.

Here’s the truth. Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy was so strong, most immigrants decided to skip illegally crossing into the US and opted to either go home, or come legally.

It’s unclear why Biden couldn’t leave well enough alone! Trump handed him the keys to the castle and Biden turned it into a run-down trailer park. Unfortunately, it’s not just the optics that are worse under this clown-show administration. It’s not just a crashed economy, high gas prices, or outrageous groceries. And it’s not just embarrassing foreign policy. But it’s the fundamental well-being of our citizens and the citizens of the world.

Now, the Supreme Court upheld that Biden has the right, as President, to cancel Trump’s policy. Sadly, just as Trump had the power to create the policy, Biden has the power to rescind it. And you can bet the move will only bring certain death.

Writing on the Wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned Biden long ago that without fully funding Border Patrol, lives would be at stake.

“Many of these deaths could be prevented if Biden simply fully funded the border patrol operation of the United States of America and implemented the policies that the border patrol needs in order to do their real job and their real job is not the paper-processing work that they have been assigned to do. Their real job is both to secure the border as well as to do things like inspect the vehicle that was carrying those people who lost their lives,” Abbott said.

If you doubt Abbott’s words, drive on down to Texas. Follow Trump’s big beautiful wall, and see where it ends. Look at the materials piled up to complete the project, as they sit, going to waste. The federal government even declined the opportunity to recoup tax-payer dollars by selling these materials to the state of Texas. But Biden’s team prefers to just let it all go to waste while he opens our borders to drug dealers, human traffickers, gangsters and even terrorists. But don’t take my word for it. Come see for yourself. And while you’re here, hope and pray you don’t stumble upon an 18-wheeler full of rotting flesh.



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