The Reason Biden Voters Should Admit They’re Idiots

If you are like most humans, you will admit when you’ve screwed up.

Screwing up is natural; a rite of passage in many cases. Edison was said to have failed hundreds of times trying to invent the incandescent light bulb. But on one try, he found success.

In those iterations of screw-ups, ergo failures, Edison learned many lessons. Thus, one can conclude that smart people learn from their screw-ups. But Leftists are not smart people.

Instead of learning from their screw-ups, Leftists react differently.

For example, one way Leftists dismiss their screw-ups to by pretending that their problem is somebody else’s problem. This is called “projection”. And when Leftists are projecting, they simply pretend they don’t have a problem.

Either way you look at this, the way Leftists address their problems is how children address problems. Blame somebody else or pretend nothing is wrong.

A study of Biden proves my theory.

I didn’t vote for Biden. Restated: I PROUDLY did not vote for Biden. Understand that I would never be that stupid. And as I’ve said when asked by many, “Kevin, when did you switch from being a Democrat?”, I reply: “I’ve never been stupid enough to be a Democrat.”

Here’s my question for the 75 million people who did not vote for Biden.

“If you voted for Biden, would you want to admit it?”

Of course not. And any Leftists who leaves the enclave of their Leftist circus tent dare not defend Captain Demento and team. And if Leftists are really honest, most would admit that they never liked Biden in the first place. God forbid you get brutal honesty from a Leftist who would be forced to admit that he didn’t vote for Biden, but only publicly pretended to support that clown.

Nevertheless, some people did for vote Biden. Reptilian voters who believed the media hype (lies) against Trump, and thus overlooked or dismissed the truths about Biden.

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Joe Biden couldn’t get 81 millions legitimate votes in two elections.

That’s a fact that Democrats will fight to the death to keep a ‘secret’. The question is, “Who are they protecting?”

I ask that question, because I don’t think Democrats want to protect Biden any longer. I honestly think that Democrats continue to support Biden, because they’re too embarrassed to admit the man is a complete failure.

On the flip side, I don’t know a Republican who wouldn’t have jettisoned Trump if he had the same record of results as Biden. In fact, there are idiot Republicans who don’t want Trump even though the man performed extraordinarily. I speak of Trump’s political record, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong and intelligently argue against Trump getting a second term.

As recent as a week ago, Trump’s Supreme Court picks acted in the best interest of humanity and the nation in overturning Roe v Wade. Next, that same SCOTUS pushed back the economy-killing EPA.

Trump brought manufacturing back to the U.S., putting an estimated $2 trillion annually back into businesses, so much so that they gave out bonuses. Many even raised their minimum wages. Trump’s contributions to America are truly immeasurable.

Biden lived off a year of Trump economic muscle-memory, and then Biden’s real first year kicked in. The results?

The stock market gave back ALL gains from the previous year, even dipping below where Trump left off. Trillions of dollars down the tube. But not only have Americans taken a dip in their futures, i.e. their retirements, but they also got crushed under the weight of Bidenflation.

So again, I ask Democrats to admit that Biden is a train wreck. Admit that you made the biggest mistake in American political history. It’s like wanting to replace a thoroughbred race horse with a mule, and thinking you can win the Kentucky Derby.



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