Did the Saudi Prince Warn Joe Biden?

Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who now runs the kingdom, has zero respect for Joe Biden. That was clear when he refused to answer Joe Biden’s call to beg for oil.

But that wasn’t the only show of disrespect the new leader of Saudi Arabia had for Biden.

The White House would never admit this nor fake news media, but the prince doesn’t even want to shake Biden’s hand. To do so would dishonor the prince himself. So to provide cover for this, the White House went into defense mode.

As The Washington Times reported,

The White House said President Joe Biden would not shake hands when meeting with leaders in the Middle East due to COVID-19 risks, a policy he undermined almost immediately while greeting Israeli leaders in Jerusalem.

The shift in policy comes amid questions over whether Biden will be photographed shaking hands with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when he travels to the kingdom on Friday.

When asked whether the president was seeking to avoid such optics, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted the policy was a matter of health safety.

I’m shocked Jean-Pierre didn’t blame Putin for the new policy. After all, they are blaming him for about everything else.

Health safety? That’s the reason to ignore a familiar greeting among friends. It’s not enough that the prince would have the same concerns for the dreaded disease that kills practically nobody. Further, didn’t Biden get the shot and about 6 boosters? What’s he worried about?

“Always on these trips, we take precautions, and so, for us, this is not abnormal,” Jean-Pierre said, adding that the recommendation came on the advice of Biden’s doctor “to keep him safe and to keep all of us safe.”

Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said foreign leaders have adopted “different iterations, different manifestations” of COVID-19 protocol during the pandemic. The current phase demands reduced physical contact, he added.

This is complete and utter nonsense. Biden isn’t afraid of giving or receiving Wuflu. Some say that Biden doesn’t want to be seen shaking hands with the crown prince, because he vowed not to see the man who sanctioned the Saudi journalist Kashoggi.

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How’s that crow taste, Joey Demento?

Biden packed condoms and KY-Jelly for this trip. Oh, and the presidential knee pads, as he goes to beg for oil from the man who looked like a kid in the candy store when he met with President Trump.

See for yourself, as we begin the video seven minutes in, where the two men shake hands. But if you go to the beginning, look at the Crown Prince as he beams just being in the presence of Trump.

But you can bet the Crown Prince will show no such deference to Joe Biden.

In fact, I believe the reason the White House doesn’t want Biden to shake hands with Prince bin Salman is just tit for tat. Because the Crown Prince refused to shake hands with Biden.

To shake hands with Biden would be an insult for the Crown Prince. The act would imply that Biden is at the very least his equal.

Again, I believe the Saudis signaled to Biden that they would be cordial, but not deferential. Consider that Biden’s decimation of America’s energy policy created the situation in which Biden embarrassingly finds himself.



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