Elon Musk Points Out California’s Number 1 Mistake

Did you see the recent tweet showing what a person was charged to replace the battery in their Chevy Volt?

The battery cost more to replace than the CAR! It would cost the owner over $29,000 to replace his battery. Ironically, he could get another Volt for that price. That’s if they continued to make the ill-fated vehicle, as they were discontinued in 2019.
Worse, the battery needed to be replaced around 70,000 miles. That’s about one-fifth the driving distance people expect to get out of a car these days.

To be fair, I did a little research to make sure this estimate was legit. And it actually is 100% real. However, I was told by the dealership that other battery replacements on the newer model types is much cheaper. You can get one of the newer batteries for anywhere between $9,000 and $12,000 usually.
Wait, read that again. Who has $10k sitting in the bank for a new car battery? I’m cranky when I spend $150 on mine. No wonder Elon Musk, THE maker of electric vehicles, expressed his adulation for “black energy”.
Crunching the Numbers

One of my go-to arguments is always “numbers never lie.” At least, not if the computations are straightforward arithmetic, and not manipulated equations. Thus, I decided to crunch the numbers for my friends and family members who are considering electric cars.

I was already well-aware of California’s electric grid failures, as I have come across press releases asking citizens not to charge their cars during peak hours or on certain days. But I found a few more numbers that might interest you. In fact, it was a forum about the same Chevy Bolt I just mentioned.

Electric car biggest scam, 30k for battery replacement:

Same on a Tesla:

They claim it’s great. You pay like .06 per mile to charge it BUT the battery has to be replaced – for this guy at 70k miles for $30,000 so that’s 42 cents per mile…

Overall you’re looking at 50 cents per mile.

Gas costs you about 16 cents a mile at $4 per gallon / 25 miles per gallon.

Electric cars = FAIL

 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

After breaking out my calculator, I have to agree with this guy:
I am so frustrated when I try to explain this…and I get that 1000 mile stare.I posted this on the other recent tesla thread…

35 years of Oil & Gas and Electrical utility experience here. Not only are they NOT practical, but they are FAR from “green”. How do you think electricity is generated FFS? Fairy dust and Unicorn farts? I’ll let y’all in on a little secret, the North American electrical grid infrastructure is barely capable of meeting CURRENT demand loads, particularly in summer.

If we only replaced only cars (in 2021 there were 290 million Cars in the US) x 200 kW/h per charge…you can see that would need significantly more generation. Currently the US generates about 4.1 trillion kW/h from ALL sources every year. That means we would have to generate an extra 58 billion kW/h JUST TO CHARGE EACH VEHICLE ONCE.

So lets say you charge once a week….That would be 3.02 TRILLION kW/h per year of extra kw and the associated infrastructure.

How long do you think it would take to double the size of the entire North American electrical grid lol? Have we even started yet? Nope.

Its a f#*$ing pipe dream, and y’all greenies need to wake up and stop smoking that sh*t. It has destroyed your common sense.

And here California is already passing laws to outlaw gas-powered cars. Seems like a pretty dumb move if you ask me.

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Take His Word For It!

Maybe you’re sitting there wondering why you should believe Mr. Forum. Who the heck is he, after all? Well, don’t take his word for it, but I know someone worthy of believing in. Namely, the richest man in the world, Elon Musk.

According to the Business Insider:

Elon Musk said the world still needs oil and gas in order to avoid civilization from crumbling, Reuters reported.

He made the comments at an oil and gas conference in Stavanger, Norway and also mused on climate change, renewable energy, and population decline.

“Realistically I think we need to use oil and gas in the short term, because otherwise civilization will crumble,” Musk told delegates, per Reuters.

“One of the biggest challenges the world has ever faced is the transition to sustainable energy and to a sustainable economy. That will take some decades to complete.”

Musk tweeted last week how countries should be considering nuclear energy as well.


Of course, Musk doesn’t really agree with the Biden/Obama Climate Czar who says we need to get rid of oil and gas for good and stop drilling in the US, despite record high gas prices.

Twitter users reacted to Biden climate czar John Kerry’s assertions that the U.S. “absolutely” does not need to drill for more oil and gas amid an ongoing energy crisis and record-high gas prices, lambasting him for being “out of touch” and for prompting a strategy that is not “feasible.”

Kerry, speaking at an event hosted by the University of Southern California’s Center of Public Diplomacy last Friday, railed against fossil fuels, saying that energy security concerns are “driving” complaints that the U.S. needs to perform more domestic drilling and return to coal.

“No, we don’t,” he said. “We absolutely don’t. And we have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this…”

Tomato / Tomoto?

Clearly we have two very different schools of thought here. Who do you want to believe? The guy who created Tesla, SpaceX, and was one of the founders of PayPal- all of which helped make him the man he is. Or, John Kerry, who opposes the death penalty for terrorists, put his support behind a drug-fueled terrorist guerilla army in Colombia, and perhaps, WORST OF ALL- telling fake stories alleging war crimes against the United States soldiers in Viet Nam.

I must say I take that one especially to heart, as my step-dad and my dad both saw the horrors of Viet Nam, and they told very different stories, God rest their souls.

Kerry could pledge his undying allegiance to Donald Trump tomorrow and he’d still be a POS in my book. I guess that’s why my money’s on Musk.



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