HOLD the Press: Bill Barr LIED

Voter Fraud Wasn't Ruled Out After All

When Bill Barr was named Attorney General, I was among the many who believed Barr would prove what President Trump knew all along: nothing about the 2020 election was on the up and up.

Now that the scamdemic cost us trillions, our economy is in ruins, our children’s educations have all suffered, the border crisis is boiling over, leftists are sneaking porn into elementary schools and even the military is turning WOKE, it’s hard to understand WHY the Big Cheat ever happened.

Seriously, the orange guy who tweeted was never a threat to America. But the disdain towards his leadership has practically destroyed us from the inside out.

Actually, I don’t think Trump’s leadership was the real problem. It was just the fact that their cheating games didn’t work, and their handpicked successor to Barack ‘The King’ Obama LOST. And leftists weren’t going to take that lying down.

Still in all, I thought naming Bill Barr to AG meant there was a new sheriff in town. Apparently, I was wrong. But hey, I’m not the first to misjudge someone in politics. When Barr said there was “no evidence” of widespread cheating in the 2020 election, not only did he get it wrong, but he was lying. Intentionally.

According to the Gateway Pundit:
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