Mike Lindell: They Tried to SILENCE Me!

The things our own government is doing right now sound like works of fiction from a third world country. Seriously, we need to take down the pillow guy? Why, because he supports the orange man?

The level of insanity just went up at least ten levels. Mike Lindell was stopped by the FBI. They weren’t there to arrest him, just to confiscate his phone.

According to Lindell, he runs his businesses completely by phone. And some shady warrant shouldn’t be able to impede his company management. But our FBI is not one of integrity, or competent investigations. It’s clearly the exact opposite. Our FBI is one of witch hunts and fishing expeditions. As such, the FBI knows they had no business interacting with Lindell in the way they did. Which is why they wanted a coverup from the start.

President Trump wasted no time weighing in.

“Breaking News: Mike Lindell, ‘THE Pillow Guy,’ was just raided by the FBI. We are now officially living in a Weaponized Police State, Rigged Elections, and all,” Trump said on his Truth Social account on Tuesday. “Our Country is a laughing stock all over the World. The majesty of the United States is gone. Can’t let this happen. TAKE BACK AMERICA!”

SILENCE! I kill you!

Remember Achmed, the puppet/terrorist? It’s as if the FBI now personifies the doll of doom.

That’s exactly the kind of pressure the FBI tried to exert over Lindell. They want to stomp on conservatives, and then ask us to play nice. Sorry boys, but some Republicans know how to fight back. Republicans like Donald Trump and Mike Lindell. They’re not going to be bullied. Instead, they bully back.

The deeper entrenched this Civil War grows, the more Republicans will learn that you can’t roll over and play dead. We have to fight the leftist regime, or we will face total annihilation.

As so much election fraud finally comes to light, the FBI needs to shift our attention.

Think about it. It’s almost election day, again. And the threat of a red tsunami rolling through polling places is scaring Democrats to death. Now, the left needs to somehow avoid destruction while simultaneously preserving their current power. There’s only one hold up. All these facts spilling out about voter fraud, CDC lies, proven links to vaccine related deaths (just to name a few) leave leftists with no honorable way out of such messes.

So, it’s time to play “Distract the Voters”.

The FBI raids Mar-a-Largo, “steals” Trump’s passports, and tries once more to make the former President look like a criminal. When that doesn’t kill the Trump-support, the new aim becomes “take down the circle”. It’s a plot so apparent, a third-grader can see right through it. The only question now is “will you show up to the polls and put this nonsense to bed?”. If you said yes, then you’re ready to Make America Great Again, again.



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