Biden says to Fetterman: Hold my beer!

I said a while back, nobody campaigns with Biden. And then Fetterman comes along.

My instinct was to say that Biden bribed Fetterman with some of Hunter Biden’s Burisma funds for “the big guy”. However, after learning the Fetterman stroked recently, I thought differently.

Fetterman might be brain-damaged enough to actually want Biden to campaign with him. To paraphrase “The blind leading the blind”, this is a case of “The braindead leading the braindead”.

Things are so bad for Democrats, that Jill Biden does more campaigning than her husband. Hard to believe that Leftists still want Americans to believe that Biden got a legitimate 81 million votes.

And then there was one.

So Biden has bragging rights. He got ONE candidate to actually request Biden’s presence. Frankly, I consider this the Seventh Sign. What could Fetterman possibly be think…oh, wait. Fetterman had a stroke and his brain is still foggy.

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I’m curious as to what Fetterman believes Biden adds? The racism? Maybe these two racists can do a ride-along with Philly cops and heckle black people? Who knows.

I do know that even with brain damage, Fetterman won’t discuss the economy. I’d love to see these two guys on the stump talking inflation. It would be like watching two blind guys using sign language.

Fetterman, Oz, Kevin Jackson
Image credit: Business Insider

In fact, Fetterman’s debate performance was SO BAD that Democrats are bracing for a huge loss. When they fail to secure the Pennsylvania Senate seat, the blue majority will die and Republicans will take over the upper chamber. Yet, pollsters noted that debate attendees still planned to cast their ballot for Fetterman- proving without a doubt that Democrats are willing to put their worst foot forward, in every possible situation.

Where are the secret weapon Democrats?

Notably missing from the campaign trail are Barack and Michelle Obama. Aren’t Black Camelot still the biggest draw for the Party of Lynching of Negroes? So why is nobody requesting their presence. RACISM!

Where’s Cankles Clinton and her boy-toy Bill? Aren’t America’s true first black president and his coattail-hanging hag the biggest draw for the party, save the Obamas?

Apparently not. Or perhaps both the Obamas and Clintons decided to sit this one out.



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