Hunter’s Ex-Wife Flips: Biden Family EXPOSED

As if Hunter’s lost laptops aren’t enough, we now have a heap of icing for the cake, as his ex-wife decided it was time to tell all.

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, managed to stay married to the man for 24 years and they share three daughters together. Now, her new memoire, “If We Break,” dishes all the dirt.

“When my marriage ended, I felt like I’d lost my sense of who I was,” she said. “Anyone who has seen addiction ruin a relationship, or been through infidelity and divorce, can tell you how devastating it feels. But what I also realized through those crushing experiences is that I needed to find a way to stand on my own.”

These words come after years of Biden spending money of drugs, alcohol, strip joints and hookers. Not exactly the heart-warming picture of a family man. Especially a father of three beautiful young girls. One would think having daughters would change the way a man views women, and his abuse of them. But I

Addiction in Action

I get it, these days addiction is a bit of a buzz word. And I have seen up close and personal what addiction can do to a family, especially a marriage. But let’s be real. Addiction isn’t Hunter’s only problem. His real flaw is a complete lack of character. This is a man that coveted his dead brother’s wife. He had a baby out of wedlock with a stripper. And despite selling “million dollar paintings” that aren’t even as good as my grandbaby’s artwork, he’s trying to get his child support lowered! He refuses to even meet his four year-old daughter, because he reportedly doesn’t remember the encounter that created her. That’s pretty low, even for a junkie. But I digress. For Buhle, addiction marked the beginning of the end.

As Conservative Brief explains:

“Writing this book has been incredibly healing for me… and my hope is it will be meaningful to those who have been through addiction or divorce, and especially to women who have felt like their entire identity was tied to their spouse. In the end, divorce allowed me to find my strength,” Buhle asserted.

The publisher describes the book as a “chronicle of radical honesty.”

“For decades, Kathleen Buhle chose to play the role of the good wife, beginning when, as a naïve young woman from a working-class family on the South Side of Chicago, she met the dashing son of a senator at the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Oregon,” the publisher noted in a release.

“When Hunter’s drinking evolved into dependency, she was forced to learn how rapidly and irrevocably a marriage can fall apart under the merciless power of addiction,” the release notes further.

Hunter wrote his own memoir last year, “Beautiful Things,” in which he tried to paint his road of despair as some rise up from the trenches. He actually believes he’s some kind of inspiration to America. But I don’t think Hunter actually knows what’s coming.

Bigger Fish to Fry

Biden doesn’t just have his reputation as a shitty father, awful husband, and a turd of an American to worry about. Because November is just weeks away!

As of now, all signs point to a Republican take over in Congress. With that will come the biggest Biden investigation ever seen. Rep. James Comer, the Kentucky Republican and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, is poised to become the new Congress’s most prominent investigator.

Time Magazine adds:

“We’re not investigating Hunter Biden for political reasons,” Comer says. “We’re investigating Hunter Biden because we believe he’s a national security threat, who we fear has compromised Joe Biden.” He adds, “The Hunter Biden investigation is slowly becoming the Joe Biden investigation.”

House Republicans are signaling plans to launch a wave of investigations if they take over the chamber, with Comer at the center of much of it. The Oversight panel is one of the only committees with the authority to issue subpoenas without the approval of the minority members.

“If we don’t engage in impeachment inquiries to get the documents and the testimony and the information that we need, then I believe that our voters will feel betrayed,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, Republican of Florida, recently told a conservative news channel. “That’s why it should be investigations first, and policy, bill-making to support the lobbyists and the PACs as a far, far diminished priority.”

Along with hearings on Hunter Biden, Comer also wants to hold hearings focused on the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and what he claims to be the Biden administration’s mismanagement of the southern border. “We’ve got issues with just about every cabinet,” he says.

It looks as though the future isn’t so bright for the president’s son. As for Buhle, she’s lucky she got out. She’d be better off married to a leper than to a Biden.


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