Meet Biden’s Invisible Grandpa

Fictions, fabrications, and yarns are but a few euphemistic terms Leftists use to describe Joe Biden’s pathological lies.

As I have said on my radio show, Biden lies for sport. The man tells big lies that leave you scratching your head. Provable lies. Yet, Biden tells them with gusto; like if he doubles-down on the lie, we will eventually believe him.

In one of Biden’s recent blatant continuation lies, Biden reminded Americans about his fictitious grandfather’s prowess.

Biden claimed that his grandfather was an All-American at some college. Interestingly, the story needed no embellishment. Hell, the story didn’t even need Biden’s grandfather.


“It’s in my heart. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be part of rebuilding this beautiful state.

“My grandfather Finnegan from Scranton would really be proud of me right now. No, I’m not joking, he would.

“By the way, he was an All-American football player, John, in Santa Clara.”

Biden couldn’t help himself. In talking about rebuilding Pennsylvania–a state that he single-handedly tore down–Biden simply had to add to the story.

Would Biden’s father be proud? Would the daughter he showered with be proud? Who knows. But Old Gramps would be proud!

Simply put, would it matter to anybody what Biden’s grandfather did? Was it not enough that Biden’s pretend grandfather would be proud of him? But when you make up relatives and their amazing lives, why not make the man an All-American.

I bet you the college of Biden’s pretend grandpa was segregated. Moreover, Biden’s fictitious grandpa received All-American football honors at a time when white players folded up their helmets and stuck them in their back pockets. Finally, you can bet that Biden’s grandpa played a “white privilege” game, as there were no blacks.

Do I need to tell you that Biden’s grandfather was not an All-American? It is far more likely that Biden’s grandfather was a deadbeat like his great grandson Hunter. But Biden won’t allow any negative spin on the Biden family. And despite the obvious lies, Biden would give you his “word as a Biden”.

Santa Clara’s athletic records list no one by the name of Finnegan as having ever been an All-American at the college. The official history of the college’s football program shows the same. Here is another resource from Santa Clara that validates what we already know: Biden lies pathologically.




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