Wishful Senator Fetterman is Toast

How Democrats believe they can get another braindead Leftist moron like Fetterman in office boggles the mind.

Sadly for the Party of Lynching of Negroes, they won’t have a complicit uniparty apparatus so willing to cheat Fetterman in like they did his braindead compadre.

Americans have seen enough legislation by morons. After watching Joe Biden for almost two years, even the most ardent Democrat has considered privately switching parties.

Recently on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC they polled swing voters. This group was asked how they feel about U.S. Senate Candidate John Fetterman (D-PA). The outcome rocked the foundation of the Leftists content with allowing people of unsound mind to hold public office.

Responses to the question were things like “sad”, “hard to watch”, and so on. And as many said of Biden, many people wonder how family and friends would allow Fetterman to run under the circumstances.

Pennsylvanians need only look at Joe Biden to understand their future with Fetterman as one of their senators.

Fox News reported the focus group discussion as follows:

Though the collection of voters expressed sympathy for Fetterman’s condition, they admitted that it meant he wasn’t an ideal candidate.

That didn’t stop the traitors that cheated Biden into office. But again, the appetite for a repeat is a lot less, now that Trump has been deposed in the coup.

Fox News continued,

Just prior to the focus group discussion, Jordan noted that she showed the voters a clip from Fetterman’s recent interview with NBC reporter Dasha Burns.

That interview featured closed captioned questions from the reporter so that the candidate could better process them. Fetterman has claimed he’s still suffering health effects from his stroke earlier in the year.

That interview generated controversy, as liberals and even Fetterman’s wife accused Burns of making it look as though Fetterman had cognition issues.

A female voter from Bucks County opened the discussion, saying, “It’s hard to watch him speak because you want the words to flow. You want him to be able to have that ease of communication.”

The second voter was less tolerant of Fetterman’s condition, admitting his belief that it’s a serious liability for the Democrat’s campaign. Addressing the first speaker, he said, “The one thing that I got to say, that you did say, is you don’t know if he’s going to need that [closed captioning] six months from now or the rest of his life, and neither do we, and neither do his doctors at this point.”

He added that Fetterman shouldn’t be running now, saying, “That’s the sad part, and that’s why I think somebody should have stepped in, and said, ‘Hey, this just isn’t the right time, John.’”

I have an idea. Let’s have Fetterman take a cognitive test. I bet he scores higher than Joe Biden.

I will give Fetterman credit. At least he still has the guts to publicly campaign. I’m sure he realizes that he won’t get the same amount of cheating or he would likely hide like his pseudo-daddy Joe Biden.

The good news is between Biden and Fetterman, America sees how low Democrats are willing to go to win. They would put idiots in office rather than vote for a Republican. How pathetic is that?

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