Decorated General Warns: TIME to INVESTIGATE!

Joe Biden has done more damage to this country than ten Obamas ever could. Yet, he walks around, head in the clouds, free as a bird.

One can bet that no Trumper would ever get away with such crimes. Yet, for some reason, Joe Biden continues to elude investigations. Sure, it could be somewhat cruel to imprison a man with such a deeply diminished mental capacity, but as yourself this: Do you really want this guy holding the nuclear codes? Surely not!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Biden has no business sitting in the Oval Office. However, Democrats still try to cover for the old demented fool and act like he’s just a harmless mule. But Biden’s own words prove that he should be at the receiving end of at least a dozen investigations.

In fact, General Michael Flynn recently weighed in on the subject. During a discussion regarding the Hunter Biden laptop, Flynn pointed out that Joe Biden visited Ukraine 12 or 13 times his last year as vice president.

Now, remember, Biden himself told us about at least one such visit, where, as VP, he demanded that a prosecutor looking into Burisma be fired. As part of Biden’s pressure on Ukraine, he withheld a billion dollars worth of federal aid in a move we like to refer to as a little ‘quid pro quo’.

According to Flynn, that’s not the only visit we should be focused on.

The Dirty Details

While serving as VP, President Biden made 12 or 13 trips in his last year alone. Why? More over, why the heck did Obama authorize such nonsense?

Now, after two years of Democrat control, the House can finally enter into some worthwhile investigations, as opposed to the six years of Trump witch hunts we’ve endured. Thus, General Flynn is calling on Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan to investigate not one, but every single one of Biden’s trips to Ukraine.

According to The Storm Has Arrived:

General Michael Flynn: “Vice President Biden… I don’t think most people know but Vice President Biden, I think in his last year that he was the Vice President, he visited Ukraine like 12 or 13 times. It’s an incredible amount of times. First of all, there’s only 12 months in a year and for the Vice President of the United States spending that much time in the Ukraine, you have to ask why?

And every single one of those trips needs to be investigated. How many of them did Hunter participate on? Or how many did Joe Biden bring his brother on? All these kinds of issues, the kinds of questions, the type of questions that need to be asked, and it doesn’t need to be asked in back rooms. It needs to be asked in public.”

And that’s why I want Jim Jordan to get out there and use this weaponization of government to dig into this corruption into the previous administration, the Obama administration. Everything from what we learned in Russiagate, these fake impeachment. Remember President Trump was impeached over one phone call to Ukraine, a very perfect phone call to Ukraine. He was impeached.
And we’re talking about the Vice President who is not the “President” of the United States. He’s got multiple trips over to Ukraine for what purpose? What was he doing? I want people to understand that we cannot have two systems of justice in the United States.

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