Wray Calls Biden Fiascos “the American Way”

If you thought Comey lead a crooked FBI, you’re barely scratching the surface. And the latest revelations from FBI Director Chris Wray prove our government is operating against us, behind our backs, to the detriment of the entire country.

I wish I could say I’m being a bit dramatic. But sadly, that is the cold hard truth. Our very own FBI has been operating against us for so long, its hard to say when their conniving originated. What I do know is that we’ve been the butt of the joke since the Obama Administration occupied the Oval Office.

As such, the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bidens, and the many other crooked players received protection by way of dismantling the truth right before our very eyes. Take the pandemic, for instance. From day 1, Kevin Jackson knew this virus originated at the Wuhan lab, hence the virus was dubbed the WuFlu. But leftists found reason to be what they call “butt-hurt” over such labels. Apparently, it is racist to expose the truth of the virus’ origins.

How many times were we accused of spreading #FakeNews and shadowbanned, deleted, or hidden from our readers? The number is too high to track at this point, but there is a certain irony to Wray’s latest confessions, because these “revelations” aren’t anything we didn’t know. They’re just admissions that should have been made all along.

Fox News adds:

FBI Director Christopher Wray joined “Special Report” for a wide-ranging interview as the bureau continues to receive a bevy of criticism over its handling of several situations – including the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, classification of issues at school board meetings and the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Wray defended the agency and the way its agents conduct investigations in an “independent” manner.

Anchor Bret Baier asked Wray about the FBI’s reputation being at a record low, to which the director said the bureau’s successful recruiting should help disprove any perceived shortcomings.

“There are all sorts of opinions out there about the FBI, just like there are about every major institution these days,” said Wray, who previously served as then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s attorney during the George Washington Bridge scandal and in the George W. Bush Justice Department.

In response, Baier asked about the connection between the reportedly low approval of the FBI and the public’s perception of its handling of the Trump-Russia investigation and Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

“I hear these claims of politicization,” Wray replied. “But I can tell you that the FBI is, and is going to stay, independent. And that means following the facts wherever they lead, no matter who likes it.”

Wray said part of the issue with the FBI’s perception is that too often, the standard for whether an investigation is fair relies on whether a particular group believes its outcome was just or correct.

“But that’s that’s not how independence and objectivity work. We are not on either side. The FBI is on the American people’s side, on the Constitution’s side,” he said.

On our side?

That’s laughable. I think I figured out the left’s motto: “If at first you don’t deceive, lie, lie again.” How can Wray pretend to be on our side in one breath, and later reveal the one truth we’ve known all along: the WuFlu came here from China. This wasn’t a virus gone rogue. It was an intentional pandemic.

It’s hard to say what the end game was meant to be. Weed out the weaker among our population? Sure. Create economic ruin? Without a doubt. Yet, the reason this “needed to happen” still leaves confusion. Somehow, every aspect of the devastation we’ve faced over the past three years was carefully crafted with the intentions of destroying everything we’ve accumulated. But that’s not even the real question anymore.

The real question now is why did the FBI hide the truth for so long? According the Wray, it’s just the way things are done these days. Manipulating social media and public opinion…

In fact, Wray admitted to manipulating social media.

“What we do is tell social media companies about information that we have about foreign disinformation campaigns by foreign actors,” he said. “And those companies then make decisions about what, if anything, they want to do about it.”

And the pandemic isn’t the FBI’s only massive failure in recent history.

The Biden Connection

In addition to burying covid-facts, the FBI also botched the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. The more Trump-appointee David Weiss digs for the truth surrounding Hunter’s laptop fiasco, the more Chris Wray pretends that Weiss’ mere presence assures fairness in the investigation.

I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. Weiss may want to expose Biden for the President-selling scumbag he really is, but there are plenty of Biden puppeteers working behind the scenes to bury the facts. Somehow, the Bidens managed to achieve the same “untouchable” status the Clintons enjoy. Meanwhile, there are countless stories out there that highlight the leftist regime’s attack on America.

Take Ray Epps for example. Videos prove he raided the Capitol. He pushed others through the doors. Yet, he faces no consequences for his actions? But others, who merely touched Epps’ signs that day are sitting in jail, just waiting for some kind of justice to prevail.

What does Wray have to say about that? “Nothing. Nothing I can say about that.” While Wray denied that his message holds any hints, we know better. And in this political climate, stick around long enough and Mother Nature+ will certainly lay herself bare.

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