Trump vindicated, again.

Remember the whole Russian hoax aimed at obliterating President Trump? Turns out, it involved much more than 51 intelligence operatives signing a letter to protect the Bidens.

File this under “tell me what I didn’t know.”

Of course we knew Hunter’s laptop wasn’t Russian disinformation. And of course we know it was a witch hunt against Trump from the very beginning. Sadly, I have to wonder why Durham is finally delivering his report. There must be something involved in the timing of this reveal, as it’s been waited on for years now.

Fox News adds:

The FBI was instrumental in perpetrating the Russia hoax. The bureau never had any plausible evidence or verified intelligence when it wrongfully launched a dilating and damaging investigation of Donald Trump.  Nothing was ever vetted or corroborated.  Indeed, the FBI knew it was a pernicious lie from the outset. That is the conclusion to be drawn from Special Counsel John Durham’s final report released to the public on Monday.

For those of us who have long maintained that the FBI willingly weaponized its authority for purely political purposes, the report comes as no surprise. Under the leadership of nefarious figures like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, the agency manipulated facts and contorted the law to frame an innocent person for unidentified crimes that he did not commit.

The FBI discovered almost immediately in the summer of 2016 that the claims of Trump-Russia collusion had been manufactured by Hillary Clinton and her confederates. The damning fiction constituted what is surely the dirtiest trick in American politics, and it triggered the greatest mass delusion in history.

The mainstream media, riven with bias, became witting accessories to the lie and effectively convicted Trump in the court of public opinion without a whiff of supportable evidence. The New York Times and The Washington Post even won coveted Pulitzer Prizes for getting the story fundamentally wrong. The sad coda is that none of the people involved will ever be held accountable in a court of law.

Nicole Parker: Durham report shows why I left the FBI

Durham confirms previously known evidence of how the FBI debunked the dossier that Clinton’s campaign and Democrats secretly bankrolled.  Instead of exposing the truth, they exploited the collusion canard as a pretense to prevent Trump from being elected.  When that plan failed, the FBI doubled down and sought to portray him as an illegitimate president by accelerating its probe and leaking deceptions to the gullible media that happily accepted them as gospel.  Comey’s scheme to trigger the appointment of his friend as special counsel was another devious maneuver by an unscrupulous man. The goal was to destroy Trump’s presidency.

All of this has been readily apparent for years.  It is a testament to the FBI’s skill at concealing its own corruption that it took until now for more of the ugly truth to emerge in Durham’s report.

Be Afraid Folks, Be Very Afraid.

This is like the plot of some Jason Borne movie, where we find out the government was working against us all along. The FBI had absolutely NO basis to start an investigation into President Trump, yet they did it. They invented, twisted, and exaggerated the facts. It’s undeniable at this point. Comey decided what the truth was going to be, and that’s the narrative the FBI went with.

The article explains:

In four successive warrant applications, the FBI lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).  They represented that the dossier was credible when it knew the document was not.  They vouched for its author, Christopher Steele’s, credibility without revealing that he had been fired as an informant for lying.  The judges on the FISC trusted that Comey, McCabe and others were telling the truth.  In fact, they were deceived.

Durham’s report shines a bright light on the dual system of justice that has infected the FBI and Justice Department for far too long.  The bureau never opened an investigation of Hillary Clinton when it learned that her campaign was peddling lies to the government in order to influence the 2016 election.  The genesis of the Russia hoax was a clever subterfuge to divert attention from her own email scandal that Comey shuttered without authority despite volumes of incriminating evidence.

In addition to skewering the arrogant and sanctimonious Comey, the report exposes McCabe and Strzok as malign actors who abused their positions of power within the FBI.  After they were fired, all three men penned books to profit from their wrongful actions.  McCabe and Strzok are frequent commentators on CNN and MSNBC, along with two others who falsely accused Trump of being a Russian agent, ex-CIA chief John Brennan and former DNI, James Clapper.  No one should believe anything they have to say.


I’ve never been much for conspiracy theories. Ok, that’s not exactly true. At just eight-years-old, I decided the CIA did murder Marilyn Monroe because she had secrets. She knew of the CIA plot to kill Fidel Castro. She wanted to blow the lid on her secret affair with Robert Kennedy, that commenced after her affair with JFK.

I know, it sounds like a lot for an eight-year-old to digest, but I assure you, I’ve spent more than 30 years fortifying my theory. I also believe there must’ve been a man on the grassy knoll. The whole Oswald / Jack Ruby situation just complicates everything. But I typically take the stance that our government wouldn’t lie to us.

Now, I feel as though we need to go back and look closer for answers. For example, the children on the late great Martin Luther King, Jr. have always agreed with their mother. Coretta Scott King believes a “major high-level conspiracy” is responsible for the death of her husband. The National Archives say “no federal, state, or local government agency was involved in the assassination,” but that’s not necessarily the truth considering how easy it is for our government to lie to us, and repeat those lies, double down on them.

A Memphis jury found the government guilty in 1968, but we don’t hear about that, do we?

Worst of all, 9/11…

Some reports say our government was well-informed this attack would happen. Other reports say it wasn’t Bin Laden. The most horrendous reports, however, are the ones that say the collapsing towers were the result of controlled demolitions.

You could spend days going down these rabbit holes, but I don’t even want to entertain the thoughts conspiracy theorists crafted around the most dreadful day in modern history. Yet, after seeing what our FBI and DOJ are capable of, we can no longer say, without a doubt, that we know what’s going on.

Between the pandemic, Biden’s 80 million votes, and the Trump witch hunt, I now know America is a dream. An ideal. A government of the people, for the people, and by the people is not reality. It’s just a fantasy that we’ve come close to every now and then.





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