Biden’s Tell: When he can’t finish his sentences

For some time even Leftists have recognized Biden’s cognitive failures. But now Leftists are free to discuss it.

I contend that Biden is out. I’m 100 percent sure Biden won’t be the nominee for Democrats in 2024. And I believe I know their plan going forward. But first steps first. Dump Biden.

In yet another public declaration of Biden’s mental problems, Sage Steele, a former anchor for ESPN, said it was “sad” to interview President Joe Biden. She watched as he “struggled” to keep it together.

Steele said Biden “couldn’t finish his sentences” and consistently “trailed off.”

“The human aspect of what we’re witnessing right now, to me, is heartbreaking,” Steele said.

“And so he started to tell football stories of his greatness,” added.

“He goes, ‘I have the best hands.’ What do you say to that?”

“And here’s the saddest thing. His voice just trailed off. He said, ‘I was good,’ and then he went silent, and he goes …‘Uh, never mind.’”

The Biden “tell”

I noticed when Biden knows he’s lying. Let’s begin with the obvious: Biden lies when he opens his mouth. And he despite the Left’s attempt to make Biden into “Average Joe”, covering for him is a full-time job.

Aside from the obvious of Biden lying whenever he talks, he does have a “tell”.

When Biden lies and he realizes the lie isn’t selling, he trails off. His sentences usually end with “anyway”. Or “nevermind”.

At about the 1:45 mark, Biden figures that nobody believes his point and does exactly what I said he does. He says, “anyway,” as if we should be able to finish his insane thought (lie).

When he ends with “anyway”, he’s given up on his lie.

I recall all the so-called lies the Left documented of Trump. Eventually, Trump’s lies became truth. And Biden’s “truths” became what everybody knew them to be: lies.

When Trump called out Biden during the debates,  Biden sold the lie of “50 intel officers” corroborating Russian intelligence of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Blatant lie. Biden has since uttered a laundry list of lies, and the media either (1) ignores them, and/or (2) runs interference for him.

But if Biden is a liar, what does that make the people covering for him?




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