BLACK Privilege: Obama’s Leftover America


A special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste.

Ask anyone you know (regardless of color), and you’ll find they are all familiar with the term, “White privilege.” For those of you still in the dark, this term is in reference to white people who, for simply being white, enjoy rights, opportunities, and “privileges” that blacks, Latinos, and other ethnicities do not incur.

Now to be clear, if this term were applied in say, 1962- especially in the south, no one would disagree with you.
During those years, America was rife with such injustices without question. However, in 2023 such is not the case. Nor has it been for more than 60 years, an exceedingly long time.

In fact, in our current racial climate (most arguably since the Obama presidency), one could easily make the case for “Black privilege.” After all, you need only to turn on your local or national news or read about the latest incident involving race to any degree, and it could not be clearer just how much is overlooked when simply being black is a factor- to any degree.

As a result, it is also clear that blacks are taking full advantage of their current status and/or privilege.

Case in Point

Recently, an interesting story was featured on Candace Owens’ podcast at The Daily Wire concerning a Texas woman. She gained national attention with this post on X (formally known as Twitter) as a self-described black supremacist. Her username: ‘Claire Kyle’.

“Woke up to my sister being the biggest disappointment I’ve ever seen.
Look at the color of the arm wrapped around my sister! My poor sis
laid up with a pasty IN MY F*****G HOUSE!!!”

This was in reference to seeing her sister sleeping on the couch with a boyfriend who was white. However, she didn’t stop there. Kyle added a screenshot of her ensuing conversation with her boyfriend concerning her ‘dilemma’:

“CK: I can’t believe she has this cave dweller in my house!!
BF: Did she introduce y’all?
CK: No, she didn’t!!!! Omg!! I’m trying to stay calm!! She knows I’m racist!!
BF: Lol that man look like a straight up Trump supporter
CK: Come and kill him for me Dre. I promise I’ll help you hide the body- bring all four of your guns

Subsequently Kyle added this post:

“Like I’m baffled af seeing a white man in my house. I can’t believe it!! This is supposed to be a NEGRO ONLY house. I’m so mad right now!! But I also don’t want to cause a scene and embarrass her!! Idk what to do right now!!”

Oh, I almost forgot- Claire Kyle (real name Danielle Allen) is also a first-grade teacher.

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Shaping Little Minds

In upcoming days, she received an enormous amount of backlash in response to her clearly racist comments. Ultimately, she was reported to the Mesquite school district where she works, having shared much about her employment on her X posts. While her employer either had yet to see or clearly ignored her bio on her main page stating she was (in her own words), Pro-black men and a Black Supremacist, everyone was looking now.

One (among many) of the complainants, this one under the username @DynastyChad told Allen, “Your name is Danielle Allen a 1st grade teacher for Thompson Elementary school in Mesquite. And your job will soon be gone because you are simply unfit to teach children.” Another (@SirWinston85) commented on that same thread, “I
emailed her boss. Nevertheless, the black privilege in Danielle stood strong, refusing to buckle under the pressure to stop what she was saying and doing.”

The following day, Kyle took to the account again to note that users “found her job,” prompting the school district to ask that she delete a post that was brought to their attention. She further claimed that she was told that she would be okay since she “did not directly wish harm on ALL white people” and was told to “watch what I say.”

Despite these not-so-subtle warnings, Kyle continued her posts stating such things as, “I enjoy being a racist. I’m never changing,” and, “Chilling in my class (while posing in a post) while Twitter THINKS they can take my safe and SECURED.“

Bye, Felicia!

Kyle’s final post was coupled with a video of her smiling and sticking her tongue out at the camera, stating, “First day of school, walking through the halls while Twitter thinks they can take my job from me.

Call me every name under the Sun but y’all will NEVER be able to call unemployed!!!”

Less than two hours after Kyle (Allen) posted that video, Mesquite School District released the following statement on their own website:

“At approximately 4 p.m. [local time] yesterday, Mesquite ISD became aware of a series of alarming, racist statements posted to the X (formerly Twitter) account of a teacher at Thompson Elementary,” the post explained. “Upon learning of this situation, our Personnel staff began an immediate investigation. As of this morning, the employee is no longer a part of the Mesquite ISD organization and is not eligible for rehire.

Due to privacy restrictions, Mesquite ISD cannot comment on the details of Personnel matters. Nevertheless, the highly offensive statements posted to her X account do not reflect the values and standards of Mesquite ISD, and the district condemns them in the strongest terms.”

Second verse, same as the first- A little bit louder and a little bit worse.

Yes, there was a time when white privilege not only existed but was prevalent in American society. Yet, such societal norms have been banished to the trash heap of history, America having learned a valuable lesson in the process.

Black privilege, unfortunately, is much, much worse. It is carried out and perpetuated by those who have
never personally experienced White privilege (WP) . Instead, their understanding of WP is based on books and movies mired in propaganda, in addition to second- and many times third-hand information.

In several ways though, Claire (Danielle) is a victim. Not because she was dealing the hand she was dealt. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, Claire mostly repeated the lies and rhetoric passed down to her like precious heirlooms- a baton to carry in the race. Unfortunately, this former teacher is but one of many tall tale tellers. They simply repeat what they are told and are doomed to reap the sad repercussions just the same.

Who are the others? Stay tuned…

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