Kamala Harris Sounds Alarm on 2024 Campaign

Kamala Harris essentially just informed the nation that she and Joe Biden are toast. Sadly, I still predict there won’t be a Biden-Harris 2024 ticket.

The prospect saddens me, because Trump would crush Biden-Harris…again. Only this time, he will get the official win. But that eventuality won’t occur, because Biden-Harris 2024 is doomed.

In an interview with CNN published Sunday, Harris forebode the task ahead of her and Biden’s 2024 campaign to return to the White House.

“We’re going to have to earn our reelect , there’s no doubt about it,” she told the outlet.

“It is absolutely right in a democracy with free and fair elections that the candidates, the people who want to continue in leadership, have to make their case and have to make it effectively,” she added. “And that means communicating in such a way that the message is received about the accomplishments and what we care about.”

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The secret is communication? From two of the worst communicators on the planet? That’s their strategy.

The Biden administration is currently telling voters to adjust their reality. Because in reality, life during the Biden Era sucks. But on paper, Biden wants to convince Americans that life is wonderful.

The Democrats disjoint from reality upsets many Americans. At least Bill Clinton could “feel your pain”. Biden ignores your broken leg and sells your crutches on E-Bay.

I can’t imagine that Team Biden expects Kamala Harris to save the ticket.

Harris said of their next run,

“But, I have a great sense of duty and responsibility to do as much as I can, to be where the people are and to not only speak with them but listen to them and let them know what we’ve accomplished.”

And in response to critics and reinforcing the talking points about Biden’s age, Harris said:

“The president has been resolute, he has been firm, he has been consistent on seeing the challenges that young people in America face and addressing them with real solutions.”

That should convince us all that Biden is not old and feeble. After all, Biden is firm and consistent on seeing the challenges of young people in America. What does that even mean? Is Biden solving the problems of young people in America? Nope. If you believe differently, please offer any example of Biden providing a real solution.

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Joe Biden has lost ground with every demographic that favors Democrats, including the LGBTQ+.

A recent NBC poll  taken between Nov. 10 and 14, Trump won the 18-34 demographic with 46%, while Biden took 42%. I forgive the youngsters who support Biden. Also, 46% of registered voters’ support Trump, with 44% supporting Biden.

Frankly, I forgive the youngsters, as we know they don’t have the life experience to know better. But adults who support Biden are idiots of the highest proportions. How can you witness the carnage of the Biden administration and support more of it? You couldn’t fail worse than Biden if you planned to fail.



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