The Bloodbaths Leftists Won't Discuss

We’ve heard a lot about bloodbaths recently, as the Left tried to reinforce the “insurrection” narrative. That backfired on them, as almost all their attempts have to paint Trump supporters as extremists.

But the real bloodbaths happen with Leftists. Those happening and those yet to come.

As for the bloodbaths that are happening, one would think Leftists would examine their policies and see the carnage. However, they refuse to see the bodies rotting on life’s battlefield.

For example, Leftists paint Americans who want to protect children as “extremists” who ignore a woman’s right to choose. But look at the bloodbath of million dead babies a year in their wake. Children mostly killed because of Democrat policies. These people empower Planned Parenthood to kill babies. And worse, they openly wage war against Black babies in such disproportionate numbers, I can’t imagine how Blacks Leftists don’t shout “Racists!” at the organization.

Remember the bloodbath in Afghanistan, where 13 Marines died due to Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. What do you think those 13 families define as a bloodbath?

Next, Joe Biden’s open border policy that allows for an invasion of America comes with its tolls.

55,000 deaths a year and counting from Fentanyl overdoses. But that’s not the only drug Biden is ignoring. Bidenflation has caused many Americans to rely on mind-soothing drugs. They need to forget their realities, and rely on illegal drugs to do so. That same reality has created the highest suicide rate in two decades.¬†How many people have we lost to the bloodbath created by drug overdoses? People who have lost hope in the American Dream.

Does anybody think the Democrats want to address the bloodbaths that happen daily in every major city across this country? What’s the body count every weekend in Chicago? Baltimore? St. Louis? And who’s responsible?

The horror, the bloodbaths of Blacks killing other Blacks in unbelievable numbers. And then there are other violent crimes, crimes that Biden claims are dropping.

Biden’s astonishing claim about reducing crime shows us all we need to know. He rules from the ivory tower, and he wouldn’t dare live his lie and reside without protection in one of America’s Democrat-controlled hell holes. If he did, he would witness first-hand the daily bloodbaths Leftist Democrats inflict on this country and each other daily.

Still, perhaps Biden’s biggest bloodbath centers around his Draconian covid restrictions and forced vaccinations.

We will never get the real numbers; numbers that drove some of the drug overdoses and suicides mentioned earlier. All because Democrats wanted to provide mail-in ballots to fake constituents. How many people had to die in for the sake of this ruse?

Democrats who mention bloodbaths represent their party well: total hypocrites. Their body counts rival any world war or the deaths by genocidal despots. I’ve said this many times on my radio show that Leftist Democrats are the most dangerous people in the world.

Ironically, Democrats try to paint Donald Trump as a despot, while Joe Biden behaves like one. But, America knows who creates the real bloodbaths. And it’s time conservatives stand up and fight for this country as if we were fighting a revolution. Because we are.


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