Meet Trump's New VP

Many people wonder who President Trump will pick as his VP. Thankfully, unlike Democrats, Republicans have many good choices. But I know who Trump will pick.

Most of America is unconcerned about Trump’s VP over the next 4 years. However, they are concerned about post-Trump America.

Trump must do what most other Republican presidents failed to do: pick a VP who will carry on the tradition of the real Republican Party. Or what has been deemed MAGA.

When you watch this interview by Senator Marco Rubio, you should understand why I believe Trump will select him:



Rubio destroyed Welker. He steamrolled her comments, essentially ignoring the noise of Leftism.

Kristen Welker on Meet the Press: Do you support Trump’s deportation plan?

Marco Rubio: Yes. We cannot absorb 25–30M people who entered this country illegally!

Rubio not only backed Trump, but he also reinforced illegal immigration. And he didn’t back down.

Next, Welker tried to get Rubio on election integrity.

Welker: Will you accept the election results no matter what happens?

Rubio: No matter what happens No!

Although Rubio continued the answer, I want to stop for a bit and examine Rubio’s style.

With both questions, Rubio gave definitive one-word answers. Sure he expounded upon his answer, but he did what few politicians do. Answer short and sweet.

Rubio went on to explain about election integrity:

The Democrats are the ones who opposed every Republican victory since 2000.

This answer was a setup, and Welker fell for it.

Welker: Are Donald Trump’s claims undermining Americans confidence in democracy?

Rubio: “I think what undermines people’s confidence in the election is when you have places like Wisconsin with over 500 illegal drop-box locations. When you have places like Georgia where liberal groups are paying people $10 per vote. What undermines elections is when NBC news and every major news outlet in America in 2020 censored the Biden laptop story!”



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