Biden Replacement Theory Hits Mainstream

Rumors now swirl about the Joe Biden Replacement Theory. I predicted this a while back, as I believe wholeheartedly that the subject was and is being discussed privately by the elites who put Biden in office in the first place.

Realizing that Biden is beyond electable a second time under the same {ahem} circumstances, the people really running the world are now officially in panic mode. Their laughable propaganda campaigns have failed miserably.

For example, how about this idea that Biden is fit as a fiddle. They attempted to showcase Biden as “youthful and vigorous”. I know, right!

The man can hardly walk without falling. Worse, they tried to use Secret Service to cover up Biden’s gait, since he walks like he’s on his last legs.

But if you think Biden’s physical and mental health are bad (and they are), just look at his policies.

How ’bout that Southern Border. The one where Biden’s team claimed that is no border problem. Nine-plus million invaders later, and they finally recognized the problem that didn’t exist? Or perhaps they felt the propaganda machine would cover for them. Well, it didn’t. And now the border problem has metastasized.

Biden claims he’s brought crime down. Forget that he’s manipulated the data, because as with Bidenflation, Americans recognize their realities.

Biden’s reality: no fix exists that can help him. So The Daily Mail discussed Biden Replacement Theory.

It’s the idea that somehow, some way the President will be swapped out as the Democratic Party‘s candidate ahead of the 2024 election.

‘Dropping out would be a big risk. But there’s some threshold below which continuing to run is a bigger risk,’ polling guru Nate Silver wrote on social media last week. ‘Are we there yet? I don’t know. But it’s more than fair to ask.’

A big risk. Anybody who can fog a mirror would be a better choice than Biden. The problem Democrats have is they don’t have a bench.

Atlantic columnist Mark Leibovich cruelly stamped the President ‘Ruth Bader Biden’ earlier this month.

That’s a reference to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who once angered some liberals by refusing to retire during Barack Obama’s presidency and subsequently passed away during Donald Trump’s term, allowing the Republican president to nominate a conservative justice.

Is it really Biden’s fault? After all, the same people who put him in should have gotten him out. Further, James Carville, the political mastermind behind Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns said it best. He declared that  Biden should not have run for re-election.

The Debate: a double-edged sword

According to the article, a last-ditch effort by Biden’s backers to silence his critics inside the party may prove to be his ultimate undoing. The debates.

The debates have been scheduled earlier than any others–a desperation move by Biden’s team. They need something now. They hope that they can prop Biden up long enough to just not f*ck up.

Have they seen this man in action? You only need to revisit Biden’s last public appearance to see how poorly he performs. He creates word jumbles, and is easily thrown off track.

And while Democrats try to use transference to claim that Trump has struggled with dementia. That won’t work, and neither will whatever efforts Democrats try to make Biden look presidential. He’s anything but that.

Former Clinton advisor and polling expert Mark Penn opined about the debate. Penn suggested the CNN debate will be Biden’s last chance to reassure voters he’s fit for the job.

Then again, there’s Biden’s problem: he’s not fit for the job.

This job or any job. Democrats know this now and they’ve known it since his election.

I will give Democrats credit. They succeeded in the coup, and did a masterful job of demonizing Trump. But as I wrote not that long ago, they went too far.

Ninety-one indictments pushed the public over the edge. And when you add in Bidenflation, the invasion by illegals, Biden’s horrendous policies across the board, they have no way of winning.

So the Biden Replacement Theory will play out soon, and Kamala Harris will become president for a few weeks. Time enough to shore up a few things Biden won’t do. Harris will be a reluctant placeholder for Trump.

For those who doubt Biden being replace, ask yourself why allow this story to surface. They kept a lid on all things related to Biden for years. Now suddenly replacing him is being discussed? Openly?

This is the quintessential “writing on the wall”.





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