Joe Biden: The Joke that Backfired on the Democrats

The political Super Bowl happened and our team won. Well, it was more like the other team tanked.

Does the Special Counsel Robert Hur have a sense of humor or what? He lit a fuse on the Left, and it exploded in their faces. The explosion so disfigured the Democrats, the coroner can’t identify the victim. Thankfully, DNA concluded that the victim is Joe Biden.

Bear with me as I recount what you already know. But the good stuff is yet to come.

So, Robert Hur told America what we already knew: Biden is old and senile. Hur’s truthful assessment of Biden offended him so much, Biden was forced to respond.

At 7P Eastern time Biden fuming, announced that he would hold a press conference. Given that this is two hours past Biden’s bedtime, alarm bells went off. The announcement caused a political panic among Democrats, and hope for Republicans.

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Would Biden announce that he was stepping down?

The country held its collective breath over the possibility of The Cackler becoming the first female president. But others worried as well.

For example, Ukrainian President Zelensky wondered if he would get the rest of the money the Biden crime family had funneling to him through Congress? The Chinese Communist Party wondered if they would need to reinstate spies instead of having the Biden family allow them unfettered access to state secrets.

Forty-five minutes after the warning, at 7:45P Joe Biden would speak to America about the Special Counsel’s report. The presser ended up a trainwreck for Biden and his minions.

Joe Biden actually validated the Special Counsel’s report as he angrily forgot what the hell he was defending in the first place. Jill Biden is said to have lost it.

Who would allow this man to present for more than a five minutes unsupervised in front of a camera?

“The curtain has been pulled back”, said one person of the Biden presser. Joe Biden was seen for whom he is. And his attempt to handle damage control backfired severely.

Leftists were correct to lose their minds. They had a real conundrum on their hands. How do you push back on those who declared the first sitting president legally incompetent to stand trial when he’s actually guilty of the crime?

Just say No…PERIOD!

So the Left circled the wagons.

Democrats and other Leftists reluctantly rally around Biden, knowing Biden is old and senile. But the real answer for their support of Biden is simple: Leftists don’t want to be wrong. Because if they are wrong, then we are right.

Shame on conservatives for spiking the football based on Biden’s Department of Justice declaring him unfit for the presidency. I can hear it now, “People who think Biden is demented are the biggest existential threat to mankind!”

Ironically, consider what the Special Counsel offered as a lesson: don’t grow up healthy or you could be open for prosecution. In other words, forget that vegan diet to stay fit and healthy. It could land you in prison. But if you’re old and stupid, you can have unauthorized classified information in your possession, even if you are partnered with America’s biggest enemy.

#DementiaJoe trended on X for at least a day. I’m sure the White House at least called Elon Musk to see if he would take it down. Hey, it works when they ask Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Social Media fallout:

Twitchy wrote, and they speak for many:

The Biden White House and many Democrats are spinning like the wind after the release of a special counsel report showing that the president “wilfully retained” classified documents in his garage and elsewhere but no charges were recommended because Biden’s getting more senile by the day.

Yet even as Hur found evidence that Biden willfully held onto and shared with a ghostwriter highly classified information, the special counsel devoted much of his report to explaining why he did not believe the evidence met the standard for criminal charges, including a high probability that the Justice Department would not be able to prove Biden’s intent beyond a reasonable doubt, citing among other things an advanced age that they said made him forgetful and the possibility of “innocent explanations” for the records that they could not refute.

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Media fallout

The event has been described as an “unmitigated disaster”, Biden described as a “wounded political animal”.

Clearly Biden acted defensively, and exhibited that famous anger the media ignores. At one point the WH Press Corps shouted at Biden, asking “Are you going to step aside?”

NBC described the press conference as a “nightmare…triggers panic among democrats”. The panic ran deep enough to have Biden’s lawyers send a letter to Hur demanding revisions to the report. They argued that the report discussed Biden’s “limited recall of certain years-ago events…in prejudicial and inflammatory terms.”

Sure, try putting that fat genie back in the bottle.

Joe Biden is volatile. And the older he gets, the more dangerous his volatility manifests.

Biden is quick to challenge younger, more able-bodied (and able-minded) people to various physical exploits. Easy to do when (1) you have Secret Service protection and (2) you have no intention of following through.

Biden talks tough. But only because nobody has bitch-slapped him. But times have changed. And now America metaphorically bitch-slapped Biden after the press. More accurately, bitch-slapped himself.

According to the the Washington Post story, Joe Biden threw a tantrum privately in the presence of other Democrats after the release of the report.

Who’s more believable?

The Special Counsel didn’t lie. Biden did forget the date of his son Beau’s death. Also, per the report, Biden didn’t even remember when he was Vice President. Is this a stretch, given that on multiple occasions Biden has screwed up his role.

In his “investigation” of Biden, Hur has requirements he must follow for obvious reasons. No “he said, she said.” And given Biden’s problems with (1) lying and (2) selective memory (lapses), I know who I believe.

Biden is a walking, talking time bomb. And that’s why I predicted his campaign ends later this month, officially or otherwise.

Truthfully, Joe Biden has every reason to be mad. Mad at himself and the people who put him in office in the coup. Because he never should have been made president. His presidency is some sick joke of the elites to see just how much they can insult the American people.

But worse, to present Biden as a man of character?!! A pathological liar who caused his first wife to commit suicide and almost kill all his kids, instead of just his daughter.

Next, Joe Biden lived a that created a monster like Hunter Biden. Hunter made personal choices; but Joe Biden’s doting on Hunter now is Joe Biden admitting that he created Hunter’s demons. Frankly, I understand how Hunter became what he is.

He showered with his daughter and turned her into a nymphomaniac. Interesting how Biden doesn’t seem to have nearly the warm and fuzzy relationship with Ashley as he does with Hunter. How sexist is that, #MeToo Movement? You can bet if Trump showered with Ivanka, the Left would “Epstein” his ass.

Biden uses family for personal gain. Yes, they use him back, but they feel like they’ve earned it.

Biden tormented women like Tara Reade. Reade escaped her rapist by moving to Russia. That’s how bad things are when you cross Biden; you have to leave the country.

He paints his life with Dr Jill as Camelot, though it was far from it. He and Jill were having an affair on their spouses. Throughout his career, Biden lied about his education, his policy accomplishments, and about anything that came out of his mouth.

Biden had been a political punching bag, as most people in DC saw him for what he is: a blowhard, hanger on looking for his shot at the big time. Obama gave that to him. But Obama can’t and won’t save him now.





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