Video Proves Trump will Demolish Biden

What an embarrassing moment for America’s new and improved Joe Biden. Here I thought that the youth and vigor improvement campaign paid off, and then this.

Apparently people in Joe Biden’s hometown see him for what he is. A corrupt old politician who lies about everything.

Biden appeared in Pennsylvania expecting to see an pre-fab crowd infused with paid minions yelling platitudes. Instead, the 81-million-vote-manan got a very motivated “Let’s go Brandon!” welcome. See for yourself.

More than one person in that crowd yelled “F*ck you!” to Joe Biden. And believe me, that crowd is not an outlier.

Biden receives that chorus of “FJB” all over the country. Because the fact is, Biden is unelectable.

Democrats knew Biden couldn’t win a fair election in 2020. So, they shoe-horned the man into office with the most blatant and orchestrated cheating in American history. Fact-checkers can shadow-ban these comments. But the facts remain the facts.

Clearly for Democrats, they must consider what they can possibly do now to ensure a Biden cheat victory.

Try to imagine the planning sessions happening behind the scenes, particularly in light of the video above. Biden is unsellable. He’s that brown ground beef meat on display at ghetto grocery store. Democrats hope that somebody will be desperate enough to buy it, so the store doesn’t take the loss.

Even in this economy, nobody’s buying it. Regardless, Leftists push that BS narrative. They now want us to believe the absurd polling that has Biden leading Trump. Polls composed of pure fiction. Videos like the one above show what happens when Joe Biden is shown at non-orchestrated events. The reason the press won’t report these incidents is these events validate what America already knows.

I love one of the responses to the first video shown below. The graphic shows the number of government jobs created by Biden. Clearly, the man is expanding government at an alarming rate.

But what of the private sector? It’s not growing. And the public is livid. If Democrats ran a legit election, most Democrats would be out on their asses.

Back to the Biden furor

Mister Popularity can’t seem to garner a crowd. Anywhere.

We recently documented Biden’s visit to an Arizona restaurant. Biden came to prostitute Latinos into voting for him. The crowd of a few dozen must have overwhelmed the press corps–which happened to outnumber the onlookers.

I wrote at the time:

If he can’t get enough Latinos together to fill a shoebox, Trump would be finished. And you can bet they Left would hit Trump with the hammer of Thor if he walked off stage to pretend to care about a baby.

Regardless, what is clear is Trump would have packed that venue. Cars would have been lined up for blocks, and people waiting in long line to enter the venue. Thousands of fans everywhere, and the venue would have easily exceeded the fire code.

But there Biden sat among the dozens of onlookers. Biden pretended to be “presidential”, as handlers stood nearby to make sure he didn’t screw up so badly they couldn’t fix it in the fake media.

If Biden weren’t so unpopular, I would wonder if they limited the crowds in order to limit the potential damage. Luckily for them, these events are easy to orchestrate, because people don’t care about Biden.

Biden’s visit to his hometown would embarrass anybody with a functioning brain.

So we know Biden’s excuse for pretending that he matters. But his minions cannot continue to pretend to ignore the obvious. Like the fact that Trump outraised Biden almost two-to-one after his big fundraiser. And let’s not forget that “the big guy” called in “the big guns”–Obama and Bill Clinton–to prop up his act. At Trump’s event, he was the big guy.

The campaign is about 200 days away. For Biden who ages in dog years, that means he will be 92 on election day. I warn Leftists again: Biden’s not getting any young or sharper. And if his latest cannibal comments are any indications, Biden hasn’t stopped lying. I wrote:

Wait. Was Uncle Bosey eaten by cannibals? Of course he was, Stupid. Are you paying attention?!

You don’t think the Air Corps couldn’t find the body because it was lost in the wreckage of a plane that torpedoed into earth after being shot down? No doubt cannibals got ahold of Uncle Bosie and dined on him.

If Uncle Bosie and his brothers were such heroes, why didn’t they enlist after Pearl Harbor? The war was practically over by the time D-Day occurred. What took so long?


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