Biden's Coded Message in his Letter to Congressional Democrats

Just the other day I wrote that Biden will leave when he gets two guarantees. Enough money to call it a day, and immunity from prosecution for him and his family.

Give him that, and he’s “gone like a turkey through the corn”. Because Biden knows he’s out.

Apparently I’m not the only person who believes this. The Conservative Treehouse wrote,

The Biden family have entered the negotiation stage, as they face two simultaneous enemies aligned in common purpose.

Hunter Biden has been brought close into the fold, as the Intelligence Community obviously holds leverage over Dad’s disposition through the entry vector of his son. As this aspect unfolds, the Biden syndicate goes to the mattresses. The threat metric against Hunter is why he is now part of the daily advisory group around the Office of the President.

The Bidens have enemies. And they are about to see what Trump faced, unless Joe Biden bugs out and fast. Because Hunter Biden has gone from enjoying the dual-system of justice to being fair game.

The article continues, explaining Biden’s hidden messages:

Meanwhile, in a coded message, Joe Biden technically blamed the Obama network today when he called in to the NSNBC radio show and pointed fingers at the DNC elite. Everyone knows the DNC is now under the full control of Team Obama. If Biden feels the “Democrat Elite” are targeting him, he understands Barack Obama is behind the approvals to unleash internecine attacks against his administration. Death by a thousand Obama cuts.

The Obama network operate inside and outside DC. Simultaneous to this assault against him, Biden is now also facing the Intelligence Community who have decided it’s time for Joe to go. Biden is now facing two enemies, the Obama network and the Intelligence Community (IC).

The enemies have now been IDed

I disagree with the Obama network. Obama’s network is comprised of the people who have dirt on him. But like a good soldier, Obama willingly carries water for the cabal. And make no mistake about it, the IC is part of the cabal.

The author of the article connects the dots with what most Americans recognized already. The reason Biden’s health has become an issue is related to the IC. But then there is the financial connection referenced in the article:

The IC threat became visible with the story about Joe Biden’s doctor being financially connected to the outcomes of the Biden syndicate. The Biden family selling influence for affluence is a joint collaboration of a considerable tribe. Fifty years in the DC system creates a large rolodex of affluence and influence.

The story of the Biden doctor having a financial stake in the Biden family business only comes to surface via the IC. That’s a direct shot across the bow that tells us the IC now considers Joe Biden’s disposition against their interests. The clock ticks faster.

With the clock ticking faster, we leave the “if” stage of the exit and come to the “how and when” phase. This now transitions the entire process into a negotiation for the exit price.

I’m firmly convinced that Biden’s departure is not an “if”, but “when”. And I’m sad for this. Because as I said to a friend of mine recently on this subject, I want Trump to kick Biden’s boney ass in the next election.

Back to the money element of Biden leaving and the coded message

The Biden family gravy train is over. As I wrote not long ago, Biden is essentially broke.

Oh the irony. Biden’s attempt to break Trump financially have backfired. With the family front man out of pocket, Joe Biden finds himself in massive debt, as he owes over $815,000.

The Bidens’ debt consists of a term loan of about $15,000 borrowed against his home. In 2022! Two years into Biden’s presidency and the newly minted multi-millionaire borrowed that paltry amount of money? And more debt came from a loan against a mutual fund for about $50,000.

How is it that a guy who had money to “loan” to his brother, now doesn’t have a pot to piss in? Worse, the leader of the free world is beholden to two banks.

What president borrows money, and more specifically “chump change” by most politicos’ standards? One whose family business under scrutiny. These days “the big guy” isn’t getting his cut, because Hunter isn’t “earning”.

As the author suggests, “Can the Biden syndicate get 10% in perpetuity, or will they have a more traditional DC exit price of books and foundations?” Short answer: nope.

Upon exiting the White House, Joe Biden and his family go back to being regular old political white trash. No speaking circuit, fat book deals, or cushy board appointments.

I agree with the author who declares,

It’s really not a matter of “if” – in truth it never was. They are now working through the “how and when”.

There is a Kamala Harris wrinkle, that I will discuss soon.

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