Democrats Issue Ominous Warning to Biden

Biden’s world shrinks daily as does his supporters. Soon Biden will have no political capital, as he spirals deeper and deeper into political purgatory.

I asked a question on my radio show and perhaps even here: How many Democrats are actively campaigning with Biden? Hell, does any Democrat even want Biden’s endorsement? Those questions don’t even need to be asked about Trump.

Most Republicans would set their mothers on fire to have Trump campaign with them or endorse them. Currently in Arizona, two Republican congressional candidates are fighting over who Trump actually endorsed. Both candidates now vie for a Congressional seat, and Trump endorsed Abe Hamedeh. However, in the mid-terms, Trump endorsed Blake Masters for Senate. Clearly, Hamedeh has the current endorsement, but the coveted Trump endorsement is so wanted, that Masters is willing to stretch the truth just a bit.

In no universe would Democrats fight to such a degree for Biden’s endorsement. Quite the contrary, in fact, as evidenced by Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI).

Biden is set to visit Wisconsin later this week, but Baldwin won’t campaign with him. Clearly she doesn’t want to get his by the Shrapnel of the latest Joe Biden explosion.

According to Axios, Baldwin, who is facing a competitive Senate race in the fall, “will NOT be with Biden while he’s in state on Friday.”

Apparently Baldwin needs to get her dog’s nails clipped and paint that guest bathroom. Anything but hang with the 81 million vote man. Axios’ reported, “Instead, she will be at her ‘Fired up for Tammy Tour’ across the state.”

Adding insult to injury, not only is Baldwin planning on being elsewhere during Biden’s visit, Biden is scheduled to be in Madison, WI, Baldwin’s home town.

Talk about a slap in the face to Joe Biden and a real signal to the Democratic Party that Biden is damaged goods. The sitting president showing up in your hometown offers a great potential photo op. Yet Baldwin wants no part of it. I can’t imagine any Republican candidate passing on this opportunity with Trump.

Make no mistake about it, the debate didn’t influence her decision; it just solidified the decision.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Ominous warning

The news comes as Democrats have distanced themselves from Biden, with some calling on him to step down from the presidential race following his stumbling debate performance last week and lagging poll numbers.

According to Reuters, a group of 25 House Democrats is reportedly getting ready to ask President Joe Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential election if he does not convince them otherwise in the coming days.

A House Democratic aide said the group is preparing to ask Biden to exit the race “if he seems shaky in the coming days.” They would be joining Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), who has publicly called on Biden to step down.

Watch to see how many more Democrats join this group over the coming week or two. Because I predict this number will grow by a lot more soon. And the reason this is important is the public declarations against Biden can’t be walked back. Clearly lines are being drawn in the sand over Biden, and this creates a huge rift with Democrats.

Ominous warningAstute observers already recognized this rift long ago, though Leftists pretend this is a new development.

Biden was damaged goods in 2020. Very little has changed with him since then, except the affects of age and his worsening dementia. But you can’t age in reverse, despite the Left’s attempts to “youthanize” Biden. Ironically, they managed to achieve their goal, as Biden for all intents is being “euthanized”.

Biden and a few hard core Leftists refuse to admit the obvious: Biden’s political career is ending. Thankfully. But it won’t be difficult for Democrats to find candidates equally destructive and younger. Their real problem is America waking up, and becoming more MAGA.

Four more years of Trump will make a huge dent in Leftism in America and around the world. And if Trump chooses the right VP, MAGA will continue for at least another 20 years.


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