Dems Orchestrated Biden Post-Debate Interview Fail

A real skillset for Leftists is learning when to stop kicking their own asses. And boy could Joe Biden use a lesson. But this time, he’s getting help.

The media has been released to get him, as Dems are setting Biden up. Before we delve into that, look at the faces of the correspondents during Biden’s interview with Leftist political hack turned TV host, George Stephanopoulos:

Classic and priceless.

Biden was given the questions, and he still managed to blow it. That look on their faces marks the disbelief that Biden couldn’t get it done. For example, check out how Biden explains his presidency and the three things he brought to the Oval Office:

The man whose son cavorts with prostitutes and records himself snorting cocaine says he’s brought decency to the White House. And laughably, Biden claims to have unified America. Is this the talk of a unifier?

The shot-callers who placed Biden in office, have released the kraken on Biden. Watch as Stephanopoulos calls BS on Biden on the subject of popularity:


Stephanopoulos admits to knowing that Biden is losing. A public admission. But worse, Stephanopoulos mocked Biden for trying to “play the crowd game”.

But it gets worse.

Listen to this answer about his stepping down and regrets:

Again, a softball question from Stephanopoulos that Biden blows. Most interesting to me about this interview is Stephanopoulos didn’t try to help Biden recover.

Remember during the debate when Jake Tapper course-corrected Biden, as he skidded off the rails.

Things are so bad for Biden, that one of the trending videos mocks Biden on his appeal with special interest groups:

Julian Castro nailed the gist of the discussion around polling and Biden acknowledging his decline:

Interestingly, Biden likely knew the questions from Stephanopoulos in advance. A hint is given here:


Why allow Biden back in front of the public so quickly? I know what he likely wanted, but you can’t give a child whatever he wants.

The interview created as much controversy as the debate. And that’s what Democrats knew would happen.

Giving Biden the questions, and obviously so. They tried the same thing in the debate, and that backfired too. What did ABC expect?

Even in the promo of Stephanopoulos’ segment he sets Biden up. He asks Biden a simple yes or no question: “Do you happen to watch the debate?”

Biden’s answer: “I don’t think so.”

He didn’t think so? That short roughly six second promo introduced the segment. It identified Biden for what he is: a blatant liar.

And who did Biden’s make-up? The man was more orange than Trump ever has been.

What next, CNN? Will you interview Trump?

That would definitely prove that the media is out to get Biden. Currently, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta has asked for Biden to take a mental competency test. No Democrat would appear on Fox News recently to vouch for Biden.

I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for Biden. And no matter how harshly the cabal deals with Biden, I will enjoy watching Biden’s downfall. Normally I’m not so callous, but in this case it’s deserved.


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