SHOCKING: Fox News on Democrats Abandoning Biden

I’ve asked many times where are the people who gave undying support for Biden. And I’m including the Hollyweirdos and entertainers who vouched for the man in 2020.

Are they all on vacation? They have become as rare as Sasquatch, including the vehemently anti-Trump Robert de Niro. But what about Biden’s closest friends? His political allies?

According to Fox News’ Shannon Bream, Biden no longer has any close political allies:

Are there any real Biden supporters?

This question has been asked by many people. I have said many times that Biden has no real supporters, only those who pretend to hate Trump. To bolster my claim, consider that right now people want Biden to drop out of the campaign to make room for somebody they believe can garner more votes. In other words, Democrats know that most voters would rather vote for [insert candidate here] than Joe Biden.

The “uncommitted” vote is no secret and continues to vex Democrats.

“Michigan’s 100,000+ uncommitted voters in 2024 are a siren, and a clarion call,” wrote Way to Win’s co-founders, Tory Gavito and Jenifer Fernandez Ancona. “The energy behind ‘uncommitted’ is not something that should be ignored, taken lightly, or dismissed as isolated to Michigan. Michigan 2024 is not an anomaly, just as Michigan 2016 was not.”

While Biden won a resounding 81% of the vote in the Feb. 27 Democratic primary, about 13% voted “uncommitted,” largely over concerns about Biden’s support for Israel in its war in Gaza.

On Super Tuesday, thousands more Democrats voted for either “uncommitted” or “no preference” in six other states.

In Minnesota, “Uncommitted” received 19% of the overall vote, where activists mounted a last-minute campaign based on the Michigan blueprint and far surpassed their public goals. The “Listen to Minnesota” campaign noted that the strongest support for uncommitted came in areas with significant young voter turnout.

“Tonight, Minnesota proved to the country that the ‘Uncommitted’ movement is not going away nor is it slowing down,” said Listen to Michigan campaign manager Layla Elabed after Tuesday’s results.

Trump doesn’t have any issues with the uncommitted.

I’ve discussed many times on my radio show and elsewhere that Trump has the most committed voters in political history. Don’t believe me; look at the evidence.

The day after the verdict of guilty of 34 crimes, Trump set fundraising records. In a single day Trump almost outraised Biden for the month of May. And while fundraising is one indicator, there are others.

Take rallies for example. Even George Stephanopoulos recognized that Trump draws a crowd.


What a brutal response by Stephanopoulos. Again, another sign to Biden that his days are numbered.

Reuters reported on the pressure on Biden:

Pressure from Congress seems only likely to ramp up in the coming days as lawmakers return to Washington from a holiday recess, with Biden perhaps facing one of the most consequential weeks of his presidency.

Even as his future will be debated on Capitol Hill, Biden will host dozens of world leaders at a high-stakes NATO summit in Washington and is scheduled to hold what is sure to be a closely watched press conference.

On Saturday, U.S. Representative Angie Craig of Minnesota became the first Democratic member of the House of Representatives in a battleground district to call for Biden to relent.

“Given what I saw and heard from the President during last week’s debate in Atlanta, coupled with the lack of a forceful response from the President himself following that debate, I do not believe that the President can effectively campaign and win against Donald Trump,” Craig, a top 2024 target of House Republican efforts, posted on X.

Some Democratic House lawmakers are circulating two separate letters calling for Biden to step aside, House Democratic sources have said. Many of those lawmakers had been waiting to see the ABC News interview before moving forward.

Well the ABC interview is over. And Biden didn’t do himself any favors.

Luckily for him, the interview was not seen by the masses. Still, the politicos watched it, and the interview sealed Biden’s fate.

The Party of Lynching must soul-search now. Replacing Biden has its hazards, but it must happen. Frankly, I plan to enjoy the feeding frenzy about to play out, as Biden’s blood spreads in the water. I’m not surprised that some Democrats are willing to step up. But the fact that Fox News could get no Democrat is telling.

This will be a horrible week for Biden. But it won’t be much better for his party either.


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