BREAKING: White House Get Radio Host Fired

Democrats wasted no time in dispatching the woman who spilled the beans on Biden’s interview.

The radio show host who admitted to getting questions from the White House before the Biden interview has been fired.

Although Biden is under fire and ultimately out, Democrats still maintain strict controls over their narratives. And this radio host of WURD broke the cardinal rule: admit nothing about Democrats breaking the news.

The comments are brutal, and more on that in a bit. Before that, recall Biden’s recent diss of this young Black woman:

So a Black woman spills the beans on Biden’s interviews, and she gets canned. Talk about taking a page directly from the Leftist play book.

I feel like I’m watching a Hollywood thriller; you know, the Black person always gets killed first.

The New York Post revealed the firing:

A Philadelphia radio station has cut ties with the host who admitted to asking President Biden questions that were supplied to her by his team, WURD Radio’s leadership confirmed Sunday.

Andrea Lawful-Sanders, who previously hosted “The Source” on WURD 96.1 FM, scored the first post-debate interview with Biden last Wednesday.

What is the reason given? None.

It certainly wasn’t Sanders’ fault for Biden blowing the interview. At one point, Biden referred to himself as the “first black vice president.”

Back to the comments

The comments below represent what most of the people said about Sanders’ firing:

“Black people fired for simply telling the truth”, comment one person. I can relate to this, given my dismissal from Fox News for calling a skank a skank.

“Democrats simply USE black people, tweeted Nick Sartor.

“Yet they just de-legitimized one of their black voice. You just can make this stuff up!” – Mike Ray

Drew Hernandez quipped, “You ain’t black!”

“They really do eat their own.”

“Didn’t take long”

Ouch on that last one. But indeed they acted fast. Because they can’t have people thinking that going against the narrative is ok.

Instructions were given to Sanders and she disavowed them. Maybe she didn’t have a white person near who could read her the memo. Because we know from Democrats that Black people can’t use computers.

Is this a warning for Black Democrats? After all, consider the optics of Biden getting a Black woman fired. That’s some gangsta sh*t.

As indicated earlier, Biden doesn’t really care about Black people and Black women in particular. They are easily replaceable, especially now that he allowed millions of illegals into the country in the invasion and his party strategizes to allow all of them to vote.

So what Trump has 20 percent or more of the Black vote, when Biden can marginalize it. Remember, “You ain’t Black!”

Good riddance

Frankly, I don’t care that Sanders was fired. These Black-owned stations spew garbage, and she never should have agreed to a softball interview with Biden.

That said, I see another opportunity for Republicans. I’m certain they will blow it, because that’s what Republicans do. But we can do more.

It’s our responsibility to keep these stories alive.

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